Connect your library with the metadata you need to catalog your library collection. Designed and optimized by technical and library experts with input from technical services librarians in the field, SkyRiver is an intuitive and easy to use cataloging utility, allowing libraries to simplify workflows and increase efficiency.

SkyRiver's ever-growing database contains more than 60 million full, unique records. Public and academic libraries using SkyRiver report finding 98% of the records they need, with results lists uncluttered with duplicate records. Workflows are simplified with SkyRiver’s direct integration with Sierra and Millennium, and local practices can be maintained with advanced functionality options. Without a doubt, the rich cataloging data that SkyRiver provides will  improve discoverability and access to your library’s  collections.

Key Features

  • 60 million+ bibliographic records
  • Copy cataloging, original cataloging, and batch editing
  • Elegant  SkyRiver interface
  • Easy integration with any ILS
  • Z39.50 search capability
  • Verify subject headings with full  LC  authority files
  • RDA made easy
  • SkySearch record-requesting service
  • SkyWatch Optional CIP record upgrade notifications
  • SkyMatch Materials vendor data integration

SkyRiver’s sophisticated matching algorithms minimize duplication and sub-standard records, saving catalogers time and reducing searching frustration. The database includes the full Library of Congress MARC files and CONSER files, and is supplemented by metadata from SkyRiver customer libraries and hundreds of other contributing libraries.

SkyRiver is certified as a NACO Exchange Partner in the Library of Congress Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), and is an active participant in PCC policy discussions. We are also a BIBCO participant.

For high-quality full MARC records for OverDrive® and 3M™ Cloud Library eMaterials, eMARC Express is a pay-per-record service with no contract.


Encore is the premier discovery solution that offers single search functionality, content integration, and real-time unified index.

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