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Innovative provides solutions that streamline workflows, reduce tedious tasks, and unlock efficiencies so staff can reinvest time in library programs and community engagement. 

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We help libraries meaningfully and consistently connect with patrons to create involved community advocates and build more modern, impactful experiences. 

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Through our collaborative development process, we offer a full ecosystem of smart, scalable, and adaptive library solutions to maximize your operating budget and drive better outcomes.  

The Innovative Approach to Library Experience

Helping libraries connect and communicate with all users
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Vega Connect establishes a foundation that brings together the key components of the library’s enterprise – linking basic library controls with modern user engagement. It helps staff manage all aspects of the library seamlessly, providing a state-of-the-art context engine for linking data, a messaging engine, and an extended view of all patron activities.


Finding, checking out, and reading is all a simple, intuitive experience with Vega Discover. By combining a clean display with modern data standards, it provides a more user-friendly, intelligent presentation of library data, rolling all formats for a given title into a single display.


Vega Interact ensures two-way conversation is at the heart of the library experience. It quickly guides users to locations and hours, finds titles via Discover, provides assistance via chatbot and/or librarian, and even integrates with digital assistants such as Alexa.


Vega Promote keeps the user well informed through targeted and relevant communication across multiple channels, including email, text, notifications, and direct messaging. With Promote, you can easily run campaigns, communicate program information, create websites and landing pages, as well as fundraise.


Managing and directing the continuous array of today’s library activities, events, and programs is an ongoing challenge. Vega Program enables staff to integrate, manage, and create discoverable library events, weaving them into the library experience and beyond the meeting room into the community.


Vega Analyze is designed to guide users and the system to successful outcomes, ensuring satisfaction and elevating the library experience. With Analyze, you can quantify the value of the library through data and analytics, demonstrating ROI and expanding your offerings in a way that meets community needs.

Library Experience Suite

Deliver an engaging end-to-end library experience easily and at scale with this ultramodern suite.

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Library Systems

Seamlessly bring multiple library functions together with an efficient, user-friendly system designed to fit your staff and user needs.

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Mobile Apps

Provide on-the-go access to collections and services direct from iOS or Android devices.

Innovative Mobile
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Mobile Worklists
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Resource Sharing

Increase the materials you offer for an all-around better discovery experience that reduces expense while increasing patron satisfaction.

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Metadata Management

Equip your catalogers with a database of 70+ million MARC records and Library of Congress authority records — all updated daily.

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We really want our customers to feel that their public library offers them something intuitive and easy to use. That’s why we went with Polaris and Innovative.

Mary George
Director of Library Services, Placer County Library
80% of customers choose an Innovative product so they can continue a long-term relationship with us.
Here's what they have to say.

When you have a system that’s easy to use and has an easy interface that staff are able to utilize to serve our patrons, it makes the customer service that much better…

Michelle Krooswyk
Director, New Lenox Public Library District

We found that the Sierra system offered a lot of flexibility with the library catalog so that we could do all the redesigning that we dreamed about doing.

Elliot Polak
Assistant Dean, Wayne State University

I’m thrilled to have Innovative as a partner. We have a really good relationship with Innovative. I’m really thrilled to see where they are going in the future and I hope to continue to use Polaris.

Karen Knox
Director, Orion Township Public Library
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