Una solución de biblioteca diseñada para cada persona y cada comunidad

Desde colecciones hasta programas, Vega LX lo conecta con sus usuarios, y a sus usuarios con una experiencia de biblioteca convincente desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier dispositivo.

Expand Your Library Experience Impact

Unlock the potential of your library data through a variety of tools within the Vega LX suite. This product ecosystem is built to manage a full range of library programs and services while enhancing daily engagements with patrons, staff, donors and community members.

Illustration of the Vega LX suite of solutions

Vega Connect establishes a foundation that brings together the library’s enterprise system with modern patron engagement. It helps staff manage end-to-end experiences, providing a messaging and notices engine, connections to patron ILS accounts, an extended view of all patron activities.


Finding and exploring, checking out and reading are all simple, intuitive experiences with Vega Discover. By combining an accessible interface with modern data standards, it provides a user-friendly, intelligent presentation of library data for patrons, rolling all formats into a single title display and recommending related resources. Learn more


Vega Interact ensures two-way conversation is at the heart of every patron relationship. It sends appealing and personalized notifications through preferred communications channels, answers questions via chatbot or live chat, and even integrates with digital assistants such as Alexa.


Vega Promote keeps patrons and community members well informed through targeted and relevant marketing communications. Designed specifically for library marketing needs, you can easily run campaigns, build landing pages, design websites, and fundraise. Learn more


Easily manage library events through registration forms, landing web pages, automated event flyers, and attendee communications. Make your programs more discoverable through built-in SEO optimization, auto-created event brochures, and embeddable calendars to ensure all patrons find the event that’s right for them. Learn more


Measure your library’s impact and outcomes, not just actions, through unified reporting across Vega LX and the ILS. With Analyze, you can quantify the value of the library through data and guided analysis, demonstrating ROI and expanding your services in a way that meets community needs.

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