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Welcome to the Vega Insider newsletter, where we celebrate how libraries are creating new experiences for their patrons and staff using the Vega platform. Each month we will share new features and releases along with case studies and insights from the libraries choosing the Vega LX. More than 40 libraries have already chosen Vega as part of their commitment to improve their patrons’ library experience. With technology expectations at an all-time high, libraries need to be available anywhere, anytime. Vega helps libraries exceed expectations every time.

If you have any questions about Vega, please contact me or your account manager to learn more. We are always eager to explore how Vega can help boost engagement within your community and expand your reach. -  Yariv Kursh, General Manager of Innovative
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We are grateful to our library Development Partners for their ongoing commitment to collaboration, communication and excellence. As Vega evolves so do our partnerships, and we’re pleased to welcome the following libraries to the program.

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"Our experience with Vega is that it rises to the occasion of better connecting people with library content they may not have found previously. And it’s not just helping patrons; our staff also appreciate that Vega offers a way for patrons to easily manage their accounts, so staff can concentrate on the many other demands on their time and expertise.”
- Travis Bautz, Executive Director at MidPointe Library System

Welcome To The Family!
More libraries are choosing Vega every day! From early access partners to libraries that recently completed their launch, here are the latest libraries to select Vega.
Vega Discover Provides Enhanced Discovery Experience with Syndetics Unbound
Now in general release for Polaris libraries, Vega Discover offers further exploration avenues powered by an expanded list of Syndetics Unbound elements. Using enrichment content and metadata, Syndetics Unbound enhances discovery by enabling patrons to explore their interests in multiple ways. Now they can easily find the next book in a series and locate other books by the same author, topic or featuring the same character. Patrons can also evaluate their potential interest in a book by viewing Reader Reviews or searching for similar materials by Reading Level using the Lexile measure or by age and grade level. For a closer look at how this integrated experience works, check out our blog.
Did You Know?
Innovative uses a specialized vendor to conduct regular usability testing on Vega Discover with library patrons. This helps ensure that Discover is intuitive and easy to use for all patrons regardless of their abilities or expectations.
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