Spotlight your offerings with solutions that preserve, protect and share your resources and mission

As a steward of your organization’s collections you supply invaluable information to your own users, as well as researchers worldwide. How well does your cataloging allow you to anticipate and provide that information promptly?

At Innovative, we give special libraries flexible cataloging tools to efficiently collect, organize and disseminate information with customizable solutions you can adapt to your library’s specific needs. We don’t constrain you to a one-size fits-all system, because we understand that your challenges are unique.

Hundreds of libraries rely on our automated resource discovery and digitized asset management to increase productivity, reduce workloads and help support informed decisions. With an Innovative solution in place, you can be confident in your abilities to better preserve, protect and share your organization’s resources and mission.

Case Study: Chemical Heritage Foundation – Bringing a Special Collection Alive on the Web

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) in Philadelphia dedicates its energies to educating the public about the history of the chemical and molecular sciences. Library staff at CHF’s Othmer Library are in the midst of a three-year project to digitize and make available thousands of pages of rare scientific and alchemical books and manuscripts. Of an… Read more »

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