The Open Library Experience

The Vision: Open Library Experience (OLX)

Innovative has a vision for how libraries will meet the challenges ahead. We call it the Open Library Experience (OLX). The important word here is "experience." While the right technology is important and necessary, the overarching focus is on achieving successful experiences for users each time they interact with the library. Our vision is for every user to say, "My library experiences not only match my needs but exceed my expectations."

PERSONALIZED: Each library user's interactions with the library should feel personalized. For librarians and staff, the personalization is directed at making work easier.

COLLABORATIVE: Library users are provided with the means to achieve their goals. Staff and librarians best serve users by accessing everything in one place.

SUSTAINABLE: Users can depend on and trust the library today and into the future. Staff and librarians feel empowered to do their job with the best tools available.

The Architecture: Open Library Stack (OLS)

The OLS meets even the most demanding needs of library staff and users by utilizing the Cloud, a highly-available and elastic infrastructure that accommodates new data sources and capabilities. With on-demand delivery of mobile application services, the Cloud provides seamless user experiences across a variety of mobile devices.

THE FOUNDATION - SHARED SERVICES CLOUD: Scalable, reliable, secure, and multi-tenant, the Cloud optimizes systems for broad reach within and beyond the library community.

THE CONNECTION - APIs: Connectivity across and between systems has never been more important. A key component of the OLS is the use of APIs, or Application Program Interfaces, utilized for seamless and real-time communication within and between providers and their databases.

THE WORLD - WEB & MOBILE: The OLS puts the user experience first and provides a seamless experience, no matter how the user interacts with the library. Engagement is achieved when resources, information, events, and services are easy to find and when preferences are utilized to personalize the experience.

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Open Library Experience (OLX) & Open Library Stack (OLS) Fact Sheet


Open Library Experience (OLX) Video

Open Library Stack (OLS) Video

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