Law Schools and Law Libraries

Innovative understands that in the law school and legal environments, libraries need to deliver the latest legal information easily, while managing specialized formats from government, academic, and other expert sources, as well as complex, rapidly changing electronic materials.

With Innovative, you have a choice in the system that supports your work, and options for building that system into full-fledged solutions including discovery and cataloging. To help streamline your law library responsibilities while delivering the latest legal information to your patrons, we’ve created solutions that integrate all the steps in your resource management workflows. And we’ve partnered with legal publishers to ensure access to the information you need.

Your Library Services Platform
  • The Sierra library services platform offers the power of open system architecture and robust API support, with complete print and electronic resource management with intuitive staff workflows.
    Sierra integrates with the Encore discovery solution, which enables you to present all your library content, content from EBSCO and HeinOnline, in one easy-to-navigate interface. With Campus Computing, law school libraries can provide access to students on- and off-campus with single sign-on and course integration.

  • The Virtua library management solution provides fullness of functionality with the power of customization. Workflows can be tailored for your staff and patrons. Multiple data formats are supported, and the look and feel of public-facing discovery can match your institution’s website and branding standards. 
    Virtua integrates with Chamo Discovery for a full-function library-centered social web OPAC.

Extending Your Solution

These Innovative products work with any of our library systems to help you build a solution that works for your library and your users.

INN-Reach offers new ways to manage shared resources across multiple institutions for fast, cost-effective access.

SkyRiver is a high-quality bibliographic utility for easy cataloging with BIBCO and NACO standards.

Vital highlights your special digital collections with powerful tools for creating and displaying your repositories.



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