A solution that supports your business needs and your mission

Do your employees and stakeholders rely on you to organize and disseminate accurate, authoritative information that saves them time and supports their competitive research?

Fulfilling the needs of your in-house researchers requires tools that can efficiently collect, prepare and safely exchange that content. At Innovative, we offer secure solutions that assure data integrity while enabling you to meet your business needs, and align your library with your corporation’s bigger mission.

With products designed for print serials capabilities, collection management and robust discovery, you can evaluate, organize, prepare and deliver accurate, comprehensive information.

Case Study: University of Leeds – Harnessing Data in Service of the User

One of the primary goals of the library staff at the University of Leeds is to provide an outstanding research experience for their user community. Critical to this goal, is that University users exploring their library website can find the great scholarly content it offers. At the same time, the staff continually seek opportunities for… Read more »

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