Increase efficiency and maintain local controls through the power of partnership

Effective coordination among library partners presents challenges that include logistics, budget, staff roles, and policy – such as agreeing to a single set of rules that apply to every library location. We know this can make it difficult to maintain your local autonomy. With Innovative, you get the independence to run your library the way you want to, while benefiting from strength in numbers. Innovative customers will not face a trade-off between local control and participation, or local resources and generic presentation.

Innovative provides a system specifically designed with consortia in mind, and with unique features you’d be hard-pressed to find from any other solution provider. We provide a choice in a highly stable system that supports your work, and options for building that system into full-fledged solutions including discovery and cataloging. And consortia with members on separate library management systems can link together for cost-effective resource sharing that is integrated right into the normal workflows of staff and patrons.


Case Study: MOBIUS Provides Equal Access Throughout Missouri

MOBIUS, a Missouri-based library consortium that includes 75 academic, public, and special libraries, is dedicated to providing equal access to library materials for all users in the state.  Founded in 1998, MOBIUS continually adds libraries to the consortium and implements new programs that empower library users through improved access to an expanding union catalog of… Read more »

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