Effective coordination among library partners presents challenges that include logistics, budget, staff roles, and policy - such as agreeing to a single set of rules that apply to every library location. With Innovative, you get the independence to run your library the way you want to, while benefiting from strength in numbers. Innovative customers will not face a trade-off between local control and participation, or local resources and generic presentation.

With Innovative, you have a choice in the system that supports your work, and options for building that system into full-fledged solutions including discovery and cataloging. And consortia with members on separate library management systems can link together for cost-effective resource sharing that is integrated right into the normal workflows of staff and patrons.

Resource Sharing Across Different Systems

INN-Reach seamlessly integrates multiple libraries via their local online systems, with a shared catalog that enables patrons to easily find and request materials online.

Your Library Services Platform
  • The Sierra library services platform offers the power of open system architecture and robust API support, with complete print and electronic resource management with intuitive staff workflows.
    Sierra integrates with the Encore discovery solution, which enables you to present all your library content, regardless of format or source, in one easy-to-navigate interface.

  • The Polaris Integrated Library System is made for public libraries with tools such as search alerts, fine estimators, and patron-focused account management. Built on an open Microsoft SQL server database platform with a documented API, the Polaris ILS is open to connections: with your patrons and their social media, with third-party vendors, and with resources beyond your walls.
    Polaris ILS integrates with Polaris Leap, a responsive web client that provides access to public services staff workflows beyond the desk and connects you with your communities wherever they are.

  • The Virtua library management solution provides fullness of functionality with the power of customization. Workflows can be tailored for your staff and patrons, multiple data formats are supported, and even the look and feel of the public facing catalog can match your institution’s website and branding standards. 
    Virtua integrates with Chamo Discovery for a full-function library-centered social web OPAC.

Extending Your Solution

These Innovative products work with any of our library systems to help you build a library solution that works for your library: your staff, your patrons, your community.

  • SkyRiver is a high-quality bibliographic utility for easy cataloging, and eMARC Express provides on-request customized records for your OverDrive® and 3M™ Cloud Library eResources.



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