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Libraries come in all shapes and sizes. At Innovative, we serve more than just academic and public libraries—if you have a catalog of documents, artifacts, or information to share, we can help you bring those to life.

Your cultural institution plays an invaluable role in preserving our rich heritage throughout the world. Inarguably, managing all of these growing artifact and resource collections is an enormous task. And investing in a robust digital asset management system is critical to safeguarding your resources and organizing it for rapid retrieval.

We understand just how important your collections are. Our industry-leading repository solution is designed to grow with your museum, archiving the rich variety of content you store—from photographs, slides, sound clips and digital video, to conference proceedings, research papers, e-journals, electronic dissertations and more. Our cataloging tool, Vital, is highly flexible and customizable, designed to simplify your repositories. Built on the open source Fedora™ repository architecture, it easily integrates with existing systems to provide broader access and a seamless online search for the best end user experience possible.

Case Study: Building Relationships-Kansas City Public Library’s Award-winning Civil War Website

On the 150th anniversary year of the Civil War, the Missouri State Library approached the Kansas City Public Library (KCPL) to create a digital resource that would capture its history in the region from start to finish. Accepting the challenge, KCPL staff wanted to go beyond what their current digital asset management tool offered in… Read more »

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