Bring together a universe of rich content for researchers and students alike

As the intellectual hub of your university, your library needs to provide access to the rich resources available at your institution to students, faculty, and staff. With so much content in numerous formats and with varying user needs, your library system needs to intuitively manage your materials and workflows for all of your users.

Innovative provides efficient tools that help you accomplish more in less time—with functions all in one place—so you can focus more on engaging and building relationships with students and faculty. You have a choice in the system that supports your work, and options for building that system into full-fledged solutions including discovery, database integration, digital resource management, and resource sharing. So whether your library is a single building serving a small college or a multi-branch system for a large state university, Innovative’s solutions are scalable and customizable to fit your needs.


Case Study: University of Leeds – Harnessing Data in Service of the User

One of the primary goals of the library staff at the University of Leeds is to provide an outstanding research experience for their user community. Critical to this goal, is that University users exploring their library website can find the great scholarly content it offers. At the same time, the staff continually seek opportunities for… Read more »

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