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We make learning simple

No matter what your learning requirements or situation,  Innovative Training & Workshops will help you expand your knowledge and aptitude.

Call on our expert trainers when you need to:

  • Address staff or workflow changes
  • Focus on a specific system function, such as fiscal close, reporting needs, or adding a branch
  • Understand the full breadth and functionality of all software features and functions, keeping up to date with the current release and new features

Innovative provides:


How can I request a custom training plan?

Questions or don’t see what you need? Please contact us at so we can craft a custom training plan for you.


How do I order online training?

Ready to place an order? You can order online training and register for workshops here. Onsite training and/or workflow consulting can also be quoted through your account manager.

Need extra help running your system, short term combined with staff training, or longer term? Take a look at our Managed Services brochure. Then contact or your account manager for next steps.

Is there onsite training near me?

Are you associated with a regional IUG or other association and looking for regional options? Innovative offers roadshows and regional workshops, and our team at can discuss options with you.

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For more information, check out these brochures:

Training Services for Sierra and Millennium Library Partners

Training Services for Polaris Library Partners

Workflow Consulting Services

Managed Services for Sierra or Millennium Library Partners


I Never Liked The Bumper Sticker: Question Authority

I much prefer: Authorize Questions. From subjects, to names, to places and uniform titles, as an authority control consultant, I love doing the detective work to authorize everything so library users find what they seek!

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