Training & Continuing Education

Training for New Customers

Innovative tailors its informative, practical, and comprehensive training program to meet the goals and structure of each unique implementation. The ultimate goal of all training is to make learning our software solution simple. Innovative’s unique training method integrates several techniques—on site, train-the-trainer, and web-based methods are all used—to address different learning styles, from the visual to the verbal. Our training program has been carefully designed to give all library staff, regardless of their technical background, an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to using our software.

Continuing Education: Innovative University

Innovative University (InnoU) offers a complete range of training services that enhance library staff skills and capabilities, and ensure that libraries get the most out of their Innovative technologies. From low-cost online trainings to comprehensive certificate-level programs, InnoU can tailor trainings to meet your library's individual needs. InnoU offerings include:


Workshops provide an opportunity for hands-on learning on topics such as OPAC Administration, System Administration, and Statistical Reporting. These 1-3 day workshops are typically held online or in-person at a regional location. Workshop sizes are limited to maximize the learning experience. Workshop sizes are limited to maximize the learning experience.

Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are available for free to all customers who want to learn more about a particular product or feature. Designed for both novice and experienced users, the tutorials can quickly introduce you to a product or help you learn it better. The tutorials are available online or can be downloaded to a local workstation.

On-site Training

If a library desires additional training, Innovative offers standard and customized on-site training that can be used to reinforce previous training sessions, address topics in more depth, or to provide training for new staff. These courses are offered on-site to maximize staff involvement.

Web-based Training

Web-based training is offered as an option for topics that may only require a couple of hours to cover. This is a cost-efficient alternative to on-site training and offers our customers the expert assistance of our Library Training Consultants.