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Ensure successful integration with Innovative APIs

At Innovative, we believe libraries should never have to walk away from their existing investments to benefit from new capabilities. Open systems are an integral part of your success, and as our library partner you have access to robust APIs to continue evolving alongside emerging technologies.

Innovative offers API Success Services both for libraries who need a devoted development resource or simply a consultation to assist your own on-staff developers.

As the industry-leading open systems provider, Innovative will undertake the integration for 3rd party products, such as:

  • Discovery tools
  • Student information systems
  • Electronic Resource Management
  • Courseware
  • Storage and retrieval
  • Digital asset management solutions
  • Any others you use!

How the Sierra APIs Gave Us Seven Days Back

One of the strategic goals at The Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut is to constantly add new patrons to active participation and to keep the patrons who already hold library cards. A Sierra library since 2014, Ferguson’s leadership team works actively to make the library a vibrant part of the city’s learning and cultural life; with frequent events by nationally-known authors and compelling program content like…

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