Custom Services

Vorpal Solutions - Drupal Design and Consulting

Do you want to implement the open-source Drupal Content Management System for your website but don’t know where to begin? We offer Drupal design and consulting services to provide a flexible front end for Virtua, Vital, or other library system. With Vorpal, your Drupal site can easily expand to include other functional modules and integrate with your institution's website to present a unified, branded look and feel for your entire web presence.

Data Conversion and Processing

Your library's data constitutes one of your most valuable assets. We have more than 25 years of experience in migrating all sorts of data, from standard MARC data and XML-based metadata to proprietary formats, from a wide variety of systems. Our data processing specialists will ensure that your data is migrated to your new system without data loss or corruption.

Digital Imaging

Imaging Services is the preservation-quality solution to consider when digitizing your valuable collections. From archival scanning and post-scan processing, to metadata capture and effective project management, we have the expertise to guide you at every step in creating your digital library.

A full-function library management system, providing control over workflows for circulation, cataloging, serials, acquisitions, course reserves, and more.

A full-function library centered social web OPAC.