Staff Functions


Sierra Acquisitions provides the sophistication necessary to bring complex materials into the library quickly and easily. By using trusted standards, vendor management tools, and staff shortcuts, your library's collection grows as fast as you need it to.

Sierra Acquisitions is loaded with tools that make work faster and more efficient, combining ordering and invoicing and providing instant generation of order records when a new bibliographic record is created. EDIFACT and MARC electronic data exchange (EDI) provide a rapid, direct connection to book and media sellers. Innovative libraries also take advantage of productivity tools such as Inventory Express to access multiple vendors, including, Baker & Taylor, BWI, Coutts Information Services, Midwest Tape, and Ingram Book Group in real time.

At the end of the accounting year, Fiscal Close offers a guided process that divides statistical reports, posting, and the fund activity report into simple, reliable steps. This complete start-to-finish acquisitions process keeps information flowing from selection to ordering, to payment, to getting items into users’ hands.


Sierra Cataloging provides your staff with the tools needed to create, edit, and refine the information that describes your collections. This fully integrated staff module allows for precise metadata handling, in-client connection to vendors and content providers, and flexible reporting. Cataloging lets staff work how they want to rather than locking them in to a given workflow.

The built-in Sierra Editor provides either guided record creation or work forms that cater to expert catalogers. At the touch of a button, Create Lists provides customized reports on anything catalogers want to know about the database—without leaving the client or relying on systems administrators. And to make database maintenance and authority control easy, the Global Update function allows staff to alter large numbers of records in a single stroke.

With libraries providing a wide variety of print and digital materials and staff time at a premium, cataloging features have to be user friendly and powerfully simple. For example, Automatic Authority Control keeps your database clean, while Sierra Scheduler makes library-selected updates without staff intervention. In short, Innovative designed Sierra Cataloging for ease and efficiency without compromising an ounce of functionality.


With a complete set of circulation, holds, and ILL functions—and a single-window staff interface—Sierra Circulation provides the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. It's also robust enough to handle any library, even those with over a million transactions a month.

Full integration with Sierra ensures that items just returned or cataloged are immediately shown as “available” in the online catalog. Sophisticated holds handling allows patrons to use the online catalog to request books directly, reserve library rooms, or check out special materials such as laptops. Sierra Circulation is integrated with My Sierra personal patron accounts, allowing users to perform circulation activities like placing holds, which are then immediately reflected in the entire system.

In a multi-library environment, Priority Paging directs items along the shortest route possible to their destination. Libraries can move collections around the system with Mobile Collections. And with Floating Collections, individual items stay on the shelves wherever they are returned. It’s a great way to keep items on the shelves rather than in sorting bins and cut the cost of staff time needed to keep collections fresh for patrons.

Sierra Circulation also lets libraries work together without sacrificing local functions. For example, each location or branch sets its own rules and collects its own statistics for maximum efficiency.

Sierra Circulation keeps materials moving so staff and patrons don’t miss a beat. The power of integration with Sierra gets materials moving, minimizes staff workload, and gives staff the power to customize service for maximum efficiency and patron satisfaction.


Innovative developed its first serials system in the demanding serials environment of law libraries. Like no other system, Sierra Serials enables staff to handle all material types while the system automatically adjusts to changes in title and publication patterns with ease. This sophistication brings the full measure of your serials collection into the OPAC in real time.

Sierra Serials’ Check-In Card is an at-a-glance window for everything your staff needs to know about a particular subscription. Color-coded regions show what issues are current or missing to allow immediate action. Navigation in the system is easy because staff can keep several records open at once. And to make data entry more efficient, Sierra Serials allow staff to create templates that multiply efficiency in a high-capacity environment.

In a changing publication environment, Sierra Serials sends email ticklers to alert staff if there are particular issues waiting to be claimed. Once a journal is checked in, the module dynamically generates a routing slip so the material gets to the right place in the library. And when a serial title changes, Sierra Serials responds by re-computing expected dates of arrival, new volume and issue numbers, and coverage dates.

Best of all, Sierra Serials provides a simple process for creating reports and updating batches of records without the need for a systems administrator. Innovative has serials handling down cold. With Sierra Serials, your staff finds the best workflow for their needs while making valuable holdings information available the moment it's updated.

Innovative’s serials products don’t stop at print materials. Just integrate Electronic Resource Management with Sierra for complete description, administration, and presentation for e-journals.

Circa Inventory Management

At an RFID-enabled library, Circa processes multiple items in a single sweep, without having to move—or touch—a book, CD, DVD, or any tagged item. Circa allows you to scan the shelves more quickly than ever before. It’s also great for checking in whole cart of books retrieved from a book-drop.

Circa also works with bar-coded books and requires no special hardware or wireless transmission standard. It runs on any handheld device such as a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. All you need is a browser that can reach Sierra and a handheld compatible barcode scanner.

Now the library is anywhere your books or patrons are. In today’s wireless world, it’s time for the wireless library. So work wireless!

Proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture.

Collection management solution that provides action recommendations for budgeting, selection, weeding, floating, shelving allocation, & more.