Patron Empowerment

Program Registration

Program Registration gives patrons easy access to a complete calendar of library events on your website to increase awareness and encourage participation in your offerings. Users can register for programs directly from the Web calendar and manage their personal schedule of library events from within the My Sierra personalization suite. For added convenience, Program Registration automatically places users on wait-lists for fully booked programs, monitors for cancellations, and sends email to confirm when a patron gets a seat.

Best yet, users are able to discover library programs directly from an online catalog search in Encore, boosting exposure of your programs and reaching those who are most interested in a given topic. Program Registration is also a great way to reduce administrative overhead and boost the number of sections or events you offer without additional staff effort.


Innovative's Ecommerce product is a convenient service that patrons love to use, allowing users to pay fees and fines—even make donations—just like they would on popular commercial sites on the Web. What's more Ecommerce fully integrates with My Sierra and Express Lane self-service functions making it even easier for your patrons to manage their accounts. Innovative libraries are collecting thousands of fines a month online, as well as large sums that patrons may be reluctant to settle in person.

Express Lane: Patron Self-Service

Express Lane is the fully functional, cost-effective solution for self-service in your library, empowering patrons and freeing staff to focus on the critical services patrons need today. Now you can offer a way for patrons to check out library materials using a PC or Mac workstation—no special hardware required. Express Lane gives libraries the flexibility to implement with an array of hardware options such as touch screens and barcode readers. Anywhere you have a computer can be a self-check station, providing the mobility needed to get the maximum benefit from each station. And integration with Sierra provides seamless circulation statistics and ensures that Express Lane transactions stay in step with your circ policies, patron data, and item status in real-time.

Best of all Express Lane is more than self-check. It allows patrons to renew items, cancel holds and pay fines with optional Ecommerce integration—even with a card swipe reader. It's as easy to use as an ATM and lets patrons process groups of items at a time with RFID-tagged items.

My Sierra

Through their security-protected, personal My Sierra accounts, patrons can place and cancel holds and bookings; make requests; renew items checked out to themselves, and more according to the Library’s policies. If patrons choose, they can maintain and modify their own Reading History, contact information, and preferred method of notification. Libraries that have acquired the Ecommerce product can have patrons pay fines and fees, make donations, and more from directly within their personal My Sierra accounts.

Proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture.

Encore is the premier discovery solution that offers single search functionality, content integration, and real-time unified index.