Inventory Management


At an RFID-enabled library, Circa processes multiple items in a single sweep, without having to move—or touch—a book, CD, DVD, or any tagged item. Circa allows you to scan the shelves more quickly than ever before. It’s also great for checking in whole cart of books retrieved from a book-drop.

Circa also works with bar-coded books and requires no special hardware or wireless transmission standard. It runs on any handheld device such as a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. All you need is a browser that can reach Sierra and a handheld compatible barcode scanner.

Now the library is anywhere your books or patrons are. In today’s wireless world, it’s time for the wireless library. So work wireless!

Proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture.

Collection management solution that provides action recommendations for budgeting, selection, weeding, floating, shelving allocation, & more.