E-Resource Management

Electronic Resource Management (ERM) Solution

No company meets the needs of libraries like Innovative. We were first to market with Electronic Resource Management (ERM) and continue to lead the pack with an aggressive enhancement schedule. By centralizing and assimilating all of the technical and administrative details of digital resources, Innovative's ERM saves staff time, improves collection analysis, and makes the most of scarce budgetary resources.

Used in tandem with the OPAC, ERM makes it easy for patrons to find the e-resources they need, elegantly presenting important information such as renewal dates, authentication, proxy data, and complete content descriptions.

Libraries can use Electronic Resource Management as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated module of Sierra. As a stand-alone system, libraries can enjoy the benefits of ERM's ability to maintain resources, track licenses, and manage coverage data. Whether fully integrated or stand alone, ERM is tailor-made to take advantage of Innovative's Quick Start implementation program that includes hundreds of ready-to-use e-resource records.

For libraries wanting a complete software and content solution, Innovative offers the Content Access Service (CASE). CASE populates the coverage database with extensive information about the e-resources you've chosen for your community, making the Innovative ERM the most comprehensive and flexible product of its kind.

Content Access Service (CASE)

Innovative's Content Access Service (CASE) supports efficient delivery of the content and metadata required by today's digital libraries. CASE simplifies coverage loading and integrates information, without the complications of additional vendors and databases. Libraries can mix and match these services, boosting staff efficiency and ensuring that the full measure of your resources is immediately available to patrons.

Coverage Data Service

The CASE Coverage Data Service complements Innovative's WebBridge LR and Electronic Resource Management to provide your library with a complete digital library solution. The service offers comprehensive data, covering tens of thousands of titles across hundreds of information packages. It provides title, ISBN, and date-range information appropriate to the e-resources a given library uses.

A to Z Service

To bypass the difficulties of creating and maintaining a complete and current list of database sources, the CASE A to Z Service provides direct links to the OPAC and ERM for access to print holdings and licensing information.

Unlike other solutions, CASE leverages Sierra's integrated modules. The information you get is available to all the tools you use—the OPAC, Electronic Resource Management, and WebBridge LR—from the Sierra database. Best of all, the web-based Profile Manager makes keeping content up-to-date as easy as downloading a file. That's why CASE is the most elegant and complete solution for management and discovery of e-resource information in the marketplace.

WebBridge LR: OpenURL Link Resolver

Today's library users want simple and immediate access to full-text. It's what they expect from the web and what WebBridge LR delivers. WebBridge LR provides complete OpenURL link resolution with paths to a wide variety of sources, from subscription databases and public websites to reference resources and locally developed collections. It even provides access through Google Scholar™.

WebBridge LR integrates with Sierra and Innovative eProducts, such as Electronic Resource Management, to fully leverage the time and money your library has invested in content and technology. Now libraries can provide a complete discovery experience that's as user friendly as it is elegant. When integrated with Millennium, WebBridge LR can also provide usage and licensing information in real time.

For management ease, WebBridge LR's web-based interface allows library staff to easily customize resources with library-defined services, such as full-text availability, general reference resources, encyclopedias, and holdings at nearby libraries. And with CASE, there's no manual data loading needed because you can automatically populate your database directly from its web-management toolkit.

Just because different vendors provide your e-resources doesn't mean that users have to put any effort into getting what they need! With electronic full-text now a core service that users expect libraries to provide, Innovative's WebBridge LR provides a trusted solution.

Google Scholar™ is a trademark of Google.

Pathfinder Pro

Pathfinder Pro dynamically presents trusted e-resources based on user queries in the Encore disovery layer. Pathfinder Pro associates user searches (and search results) with the right resource to do the job—subscription databases, websites, special collection databases, book reviews, journal articles in full-text, e-books, and more.

Pathfinder Pro presents hyperlinks informed by rules you create and resources you select, so patrons receive nothing less than the specialized search experience that you have designed. That's what we call Smart Linking™ technology! These intelligent suggestions ensure that users never miss out on valuable sources of information your library has selected, purchased, or identified on the web. By creating a dynamic environment that provides guidance from behind the scenes, users succeed and your library shines as a trusted destination for quality information they can rely on.

Smart Linking™ is a trademark of Innovative Interfaces.

Proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture.

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