Encore Discovery Solution

The Encore Discovery Solution brings the complete library experience into the light. With Encore, you’ll deliver fantastic search that brings anything you want to light – scholarly articles, books, local digital collections, and more. It’s simple enough for new library users, and deep enough to satisfy exacting researchers.

Innovative has forged partnerships with content providers so Encore libraries can integrate a full range of resources. For example Library users can initiate eBook checkouts and place holds for eBooks directly in the Encore environment with 3M™ Cloud Library or OverDrive®. ChiliFresh™ integration with Encore empowers social interaction with the library with a rich database of trusted ratings and reviews written by library users. 

Key Features

  • Fantastic, single search results
  • Integration of articles, books, eBooks, digital collections
  • Real time ILS/LSP integration
  • 3M Cloud Library, ChiliFresh, OverDrive integration
  • Encore Duet option

With Encore Duet, libraries can bring users an integrated results set that includes local content plus full-text articles from EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS)—the largest, most encompassing single index of the world’s literature with tens of thousands of participating publishers.

Encore delivers the full the experience of the library—helpful, interactive, browsable, social, and rich with resources—that no other discovery alternative can touch.  Full integration with the Sierra Library Services Platform or Millennium ILS provides deep indexing and real-time data that provides a truly comprehensive discovery experience for any library user.

Proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture.

Store, organize, and share your library’s unique content.