Campus Computing

Courseware Integration

Courseware Integration provides a reliable way for academic libraries to plug in to today's distance education environment. It's the solution for libraries that want to stay integral to the online learning process and expand their visibility beyond the traditional library website. Students can conduct a search in Encore of library materials from within Blackboard® educational software. Students also get direct, one-click linking to course reserves or their student patron record. For added convenience, users logged in to courseware don't need to log in again at the library destination.

Blackboard® is a registered trademark of Blackboard, Inc.

Patron Web Services

The Patron Web Services suite of products makes it easy to sync Sierra data with applications in the larger environment of a city or campus. Utilizing Web Services technology, Innovative offers two products that make data transfer more timely and eliminate staff chores.

Patron Update

With Patron Update, the library can easily and smoothly collect patron data such as contact information from a registrar's office, human resources, or city database. There's no need for library staff to periodically load data manually—patron data can be added and changed automatically and in real time. What's more, users can interact with the library as soon as they are in good standing. There's no wait to use the library or a need to fill out a separate library registration form. Patron Web Services also frees library staff from having to verify enrollment or spend time with unnecessary bureaucracy at the circ desk.

Fine Payment

The Fine Payment product allows real-time querying of the Sierra database by a bursar's office or college management system—no library staff intervention required. A bursar's office can automatically recognize when library fines are due, accept payment, and then clear the fine off the patron record in Millennium. Similarly, a college management system offering students the ability to pay their own financial obligations can include library fines, streamlining the payment process for the student and saving a trip to the library.

Libraries are also using the Fine Payment web service to interact with financial systems hosted at the library or with third-party payment machines within library walls. It's just one way Innovative has met the challenge of making information management simple in a complex information environment.

External Patron Validation

Today's busy student doesn't have time to remember yet another password to access your library's rich resources. External Patron Verification puts your library in lock step with servers using the LDAP authentication protocol. To serve your campus in today's networked world, Innovative makes it simple.

Single Sign-on

Many campuses have transformed their IT structure into a unified authentication portal to increase convenience and efficiency for students and staff. With Single Sign-on Integration, your library has a reliable way to stay in the mix, allowing users to move effortlessly from other campus departments to your library, and vice versa, without re-authenticating.

Web Access Management

Web Access Management is the staff-friendly authentication service for libraries that want to offer patrons simple and convenient remote use of licensed electronic resources. Its tight-knit integration with Sierra means quick setup, easy administration, and the flexibility you need to effectively manage access to your library's electronic services. What's more, you'll have easy access to statistics that tell you which titles are accessed most and by whom—whether it's children, adults, or users from a certain library branch or college degree program.

Proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture.

Encore is the premier discovery solution that offers single search functionality, content integration, and real-time unified index.