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No company meets the needs of libraries like Innovative. We were first to market with Electronic Resource Management (ERM) and continue to lead the pack with an aggressive enhancement schedule. By centralizing and assimilating all of the technical and administrative details of digital resources, Innovative’s ERM saves staff time, improves collection analysis, and makes the most of scarce budgetary resources.

Used in tandem with the OPAC, ERM makes it easy for patrons to find e-resources, elegantly presenting important information such as renewal dates, authentication, proxy data, and complete content descriptions.

Libraries can use ERM as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated module. As a stand-alone system, it enables you to maintain resources, track licenses, and manage coverage data. Whether fully integrated or stand alone, ERM is tailor-made to take advantage of Innovative’s Quick Start implementation program that includes hundreds of ready-to-use e-resource records. View the ERM Fact Sheet for additional information.

The Innovative Knowledge Base is a cloud-based solution for Sierra library partners that provides additional eResource management capabilities. It’s one central location to manage all content types (regardless of vendor) across multiple systems, and monitor content you may want to purchase. It streamlines resource management by integrating holdings and managed content entitlements across entire library systems for more accurate discovery. Read more about Knowledge Base here.

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