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Unleash the power of your library’s data

Knowledge is power. Polaris SimplyReports opens up the power of the Polaris ILS database management system to all users, regardless of technical skill. This intuitive reporting tool makes it easy to create custom reports in your Polaris ILS with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Custom reports at your fingertips

With an easy-to-use, web-based interface, Polaris SimplyReports allows you to create, manage, and produce more than 300,000 different types of reports in a matter of minutes. Just select the type of report you’d like to build and SimplyReports does the rest. Mining your library’s data has never been easier, with one-click access to:

  • Patron information and patron account information
  • Holds information
  • Bibliographic record information
  • Serials holdings information
  • and much more!

Endless possibilities

Polaris SimplyReports leverages leading-edge technology to create dynamic forms and optimize reporting flexibility, so that users of all skill levels can easily build their own reports with the click of a button. SimplyReports allows users to:

  • create custom reports and save custom report parameters
  • generate report output files in a variety of formats
  • administer security at the system/branch and data levels
  • execute and schedule saved reports individually and in groups
  • manage saved report parameters
  • create bibliographic, item, or patron record sets
  • add reports you build right to your Polaris ILS toolbar

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