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Extend your library and make community connections anywhere with the Polaris Leap Web Application

The Polaris Leap responsive web client brings the power and functionality of the Polaris ILS public services workflows to library staff through a browser. Polaris Leap can be used on a desktop, a notebook, or a tablet, freeing staff to connect with patrons and complete tasks wherever it is most convenient – even outside the library walls.

Polaris Leap builds upon the Polaris ILS foundation, extending functionality with a modern architecture that will serve libraries now and into the foreseeable future. And there is no need to load software – Polaris Leap software is upgraded automatically as server upgrades are performed, so no staff client updates are required.

In a time where mobile applications increasingly allow people to access information and consume services wherever they may be, libraries need the tools to interact with their communities beyond the traditional library building. Polaris Leap allows staff to get out from behind the desk and still have access to vital data and functionality with flexible, intuitive workflows.

Key Features

  • Mobile access for public services and reference staff
  • Responsive web client using HTML5
  • Circulation and patron services functions
  • Flexible workflows in an intuitive interface
  • No need to update client software

Case Study: Davenport Public Library Exceeds Expectations with Polaris Leap

Davenport Public Library (DPL) in Iowa serves a population of over 100,000 and its librarians make every effort to reach community members both inside and outside the library. Their dynamic and numerous outreach events demonstrate the opportunity for fun and learning with the library and increase the size of their patron base. Outreach is an… Read more »

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