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Access to high-quality data when and where you need it

Your financial investment in your library’s collections is significant, and making those resources discoverable for your users is critical. Stale or incomplete data frustrates patrons and frequent data loads can be a burden on library staff. But Innovative solutions provide your library with high-quality metadata and efficient workflows that directly integrate with your local ILS and discovery solutions. Innovative tools make it easy for you to:

  • Manage electronic entitlements, whether licensed locally or through a consortium or state-wide initiative
  • Describe purchased and subscribed resources with rich bibliographic cataloging records, specific to your selected format and localized as needed
  • Publish library collections & location data using linked data standards for greater visibility on the web

Developed on a cloud platform, you have secure, scalable, and reliable access to the data you need, while real-time updates mean accuracy you and your patrons can depend on. It’s clear how Innovative’s metadata management services enable you to deliver an open library experience. Scroll down to read more about Skyriver, Knowledge Base, and Linked Data.

Case Study: Marmot – Utilizing Sierra APIs to Speed and Streamline Discovery

Marmot Library Network, with 24 member libraries, hosts Innovative’s Sierra Library Services Platform (LSP) for its members, maintains a union catalog of 1.9 million titles, and provides related services for public, academic, and school libraries in Colorado. With a diverse constituency of professors and college students, teachers and grade school students, and public library staff… Read more »


Connect your library with the metadata you need to catalog your library collection. Designed and optimized by technical and library experts with input from technical services librarians in the field, SkyRiver is an intuitive and easy to use cataloging utility, allowing libraries to simplify workflows and increase efficiency.

SkyRiver's ever-growing database contains more than 60 million full, unique records. Public and academic libraries using SkyRiver report finding 98% of the records they need, with results lists uncluttered with duplicate records. Workflows are simplified with SkyRiver’s direct integration with Sierra and Millennium, and local practices can be maintained with advanced functionality options. Without a doubt, the rich cataloging data that SkyRiver provides will improve discoverability and access to your library’s collections.

Knowledge Base

Your collection is a well-developed web of journal subscriptions, electronic articles, abstract databases and more. The content is great, but managing it can be a challenge. When we talk to libraries about electronic resource management, the biggest challenges we hear about are inefficient workflows and tedious tasks –it takes a lot to manage all that content.

With the Innovative Open Knowledge Base, your library has one central location to manage all content types (regardless of vendor) across multiple systems, and monitor content you may want to purchase. But it’s more than just a database, we’re focused on building an easy-to-use, scalable solution that automates work flows and frees library staff to use their time for critical decision making.

Innovative Knowledge Base is a cloud-based solution for Sierra library partners. It streamlines resource management by integrating holdings and managed content entitlements across entire library systems for more accurate discovery. Library partners benefit from more efficient workflows, real-time discovery, access to electronic subscriptions, and simplified management of their content lifecycles. In addition, we’re committed to updating title changes every two weeks so your library is always current with subscription packages.

Linked Data

Patrons know how to find your website, but do they see your library resources whenever they search the web? By making library collections and locations visible to search engines, Innovative Linked Data allows you to reach more patrons than ever before. Innovative Linked Data is the easy way to put library resources in front of information seekers no matter where they’re searching.

Innovative Linked Data leverages the value of existing metadata within the library catalog and resource management system to raise the profile of libraries in web and mobile interactions. This makes your library’s resources and location information readable by search engines.

Innovative Linked Data is our way to keep libraries in the global conversation and connected to the local community. It takes your metadata and puts it on display in front of people searching for information. It’s minimal effort for staff, and big visibility for the library. The subscription service is available immediately for Polaris, Sierra, Millennium, and Virtua library systems.

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