When it comes to articles, library patrons can get frustrated when they arrive at a citation in an online database with no full text, or cannot find a specific cited article they want. Going to library staff for fulfillment takes time and sets in motion a series of tasks that eat up staff time.

ArticleReach makes getting an article as simple as saying, "I want it!" by bringing requesting to where patrons need it—providing seamless access from a link-resolver citation, union catalog, or your library's online request form. They can monitor the article's delivery status right in their patron record and are always notified by email when it's fulfilled.

Key Features

  • Brings more articles to users
  • Boosts user convenience
  • Cuts ILL costs
  • Saves staff time
  • Speeds discovery-to-delivery
  • Delivers full text to the user’s desktop

ArticleReach frees local staff from receiving and mediating requests, verifying citations, identifying sources, and contacting suppliers. In fact, the patron’s local library doesn’t have to do a thing. When the lending library sends an article electronically, the document is posted automatically to a Web server and made available to a patron within minutes of the request. Fulfillment is quick and costs are low.

By joining ArticleReach, you connect into a consortium of trusted sites working to share resources.

Expand your library’s resources at a fraction of the cost.

Proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture.