INN-Reach is the ultimate in print and media resource sharing for libraries—whether or not they're part of a formal consortium arrangement.

Think of INN-Reach as a powerful collection development tool. It's the best way to expand your library’s books and material resources without a significant investment in new materials or traditional interlibrary loan (ILL). By seamlessly integrating multiple libraries via their local online systems, INN-Reach’s shared catalog enables patrons to easily find and request materials online.

Key Features

  • Online requesting
  • Pick Up Anywhere
  • Access to millions of books
  • Quick turnaround
  • Sierra and Encore integration.
  • High fulfillment rate

Only INN-Reach offers one-touch fulfillment that eliminates layers of processing, significantly reducing the staff time it takes to process a loan request. With INN-Reach, resource sharing between libraries is faster and more cost-effective than any other method, while exponentially increasing the items available to users without disrupting the libraries’ normal workflows.

INN-Reach libraries see their circulation numbers increase dramatically as a result of the increased visibility and ease of use of the shared catalog. Patrons know the library can provide a broad and deep collection; while library staff need not waste time on a complicated ILL system. No wonder INN-Reach libraries move millions of books a year in academic, public, and mixed consortia. It's simple and powerful, and INN-Reach handles everything!

Proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture.

Seamless article requesting that reduces staff overhead.