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Store, organize and share your library’s unique content.

Vital is a revolutionary repository solution that lives and grows with your university, library, museum, archive, or information center. Designed to simplify the development of your repositories and to provide seamless online search and retrieval of information for library staff, contributing faculty, and end-users, Vital focuses on the individual needs of users in order to broaden access to institutions and their collections. Vital delivers value, flexibility, and a highly customizable solution for managing the digital resources of any type of information center.

With Vital, you can incorporate a rich variety of content into your collections – photographs, slides, sound clips, digital video, conference proceedings, research papers, e-journals, electronic theses and dissertations, and much more.

Vital builds on the open source FedoraTM repository architecture with additional workflow extensions, management utilities, and specialized content displays. The result is a strong feature set—ingesting, storing, indexing, cataloging, authority control, enhanced searching, and retrieving—required for handling large text and rich content collections. You have the ability to grant equal access to materials for all, or to restrict access as needed.

Vital also takes advantage of technology standards such as XML, TEI, EAD, Dublin Core, OAI-PMH, VRA, and SRU/SRW to easily describe and index electronic resources. And as a Unicode (UTF-8) compliant product, Vital is a global information solution that allows users to search and find information in the language of their choice. Add Innovative’s Custom Services, and together with FedoraTM Web services, Vital provides a mechanism for your organization to create tools, enhance the functionality provided by Vital, or leverage the open source community for future applications. Vital currently includes the benefits of other open source solutions such as Apache, MySQL, and McKOI.

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