Executive Leadership

As a company, we’re focused on helping our library partners address the challenges of a changing market and capitalize on opportunities that accelerate the library value proposition in the communities they serve. We recognize this task requires outstanding leadership at all levels of the organization, and we are well positioned for success. Invigorated by this transformation into an Enterprise Class Library Solutions Company, Innovative remains a business propelled at all levels by individuals who are passionate about pushing the envelope of library technology for staff and patrons with one goal in mind: Creating the Future Library. Meet the team leading this effort.

  • James Tallman |

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jim joined Innovative in January 2016 from Wolters Kluwer, where he served as the General Manager for Enterprise Legal Management (Apr 2014-Jun 2015). He was Chief Executive Officer of Datacert from 2008 until 2014, when the company was acquired by Wolters Kluwer. Datacert created the Passport enterprise legal management platform to help organizations manage legal risk and compliance. Jim brings to Innovative a vision of transforming the company from a library management software company to an enterprise class library solutions company.

  • Don Schad |

    Chief Financial Officer

    Don brings a wealth of experience in developing and executing investment strategies designed to maximize returns for clients. As CFO, Don leads our investment plans for the expansion of our global operations, the evolution of products, and the build-out of our next generation solutions. Don’s global experience in technology and services, coupled with his management skills and familiarity with hands-on customer service, will ensure Innovative stays laser-focused on value for libraries. Don has been a President, GM, EVP and CFO for global software and services companies in both private and public markets. His recent experience at Wolters Kluwer, a leading global publisher, contributes additional perspective from the publishing industry that will serve our library partners well.

  • Roger Leitner |

    Chief Operating Officer

    Roger brings a wealth of experience from the financial services market and banking industry, where the application of technology and services is critical to the client experience. Roger excels at leading customer-facing operations where the client experience is paramount to the success of the business. He works to ensure that the level of Innovative’s services and communications meet and exceed our library partners’ expectations. His focus as COO is to evolve our customer-facing operations to ensure we provide market leading consulting services, managed services, data center services, implementation services and customer support. Roger has been a President for large enterprise class software and services organizations in the banking and financial services market.

  • Chris Fields |

    Chief Technology Officer

    Chris brings incredible technology experience in developing and delivering global open source technology platforms, for which he received patents and industry awards. Chris is an architect with a keen focus on the client experience, and he has already delivered a number of market-disrupting technology innovations in other industries that are ripe for adoption by libraries. His proven track record with large-scale open-system platforms and mobile technologies for Fortune 100 companies with daunting user counts informs his ability to design solutions for even the largest of library partners. Chris understands how to deliver platforms that address SaaS, dedicated hosting, and behind-the-firewall environments. He leads our technology development and delivery for our global software solutions. Named as a “key inventor” on the Passport® platform used by publishing giant Wolters Kluwer in their ELM division, Chris draws insight from those markets that will benefit our library partners. Chris has been a CTO for both public and private companies and has a unique talent for working directly with clients to translate business plans into inventive technology platforms.

  • Joe McMorris |

    Chief Information Officer

    With his breadth of IT experience supporting global companies with advanced technology, Joe McMorris was strategically appointed to CIO to ensure Innovative delivers the highest technical and security standards. Joe is responsible for leading the overall global IT strategy for Innovative, including providing enterprise-class IT operations for the company, as well as supplying world-class hosting services to our libraries and communities. As CISO, he also has overall accountability for Innovative’s robust Information Security Management System and maintains oversight of all internal and third party audits and information security certifications such as ISO 270001.

  • Shaheen Javadizadeh |

    Executive Vice President, Global Sales

    Shaheen comes to Innovative with over 23 years of experience developing account management and sales teams that transform client relationships from vendor and customer to life-long strategic partnerships. As our sales leader, he is invested in the expansion and ongoing training of the Innovative Sales and Account Management team to ensure all Innovative library partners receive the quality service and personal care that they deserve. Shaheen’s Sales Academy investment ensures that the expanding team is continually educated on the ever-changing library market and Innovative offerings. Shaheen is a well-rounded technology executive who has led Sales, Marketing, Product Management, and Service Delivery organizations and will ensure that libraries have a clear roadmap for their Innovative relationship.

  • Hilary Newman |

    Senior Vice President, Client Success and Support

    Hilary is a librarian by education and has extensive customer knowledge and experience with Innovative library partners. Hilary has led many of Innovative’s businesses over the years and appreciates the full lifecycle of our library client experience. Her library acumen, coupled with deep understanding of Innovative customers and their needs, as well as a desire to serve our library partners, positions her ideally as our Customer Operations Leader with a focus on Library Success. Hilary has been with Innovative for more than 20 years, serving in a wide-range of roles, such as trainer, Help Desk manager, product manager, manager of the Circulation Team in Product Development, Director of Implementation Services, and Vice President of Development. She holds an MLS from the University of North Texas and won a distinguished alumna award from her alma mater in 2015.

  • Kathryn Harnish |

    Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

    A thought leader and change agent in the library technology industry, Kathryn pairs her deep domain knowledge with extensive experience in leading product strategy.  Throughout her career, which includes senior positions at ProQuest, OCLC, and Ex Libris/Endeavor, she has formulated and implemented forward-looking strategies that support library objectives, creating an impressive track record of strategic innovation. At Innovative, Kathryn is responsible for engaging with libraries and their partners to transform the ways in which libraries do business, helping them secure visibility and viability in a rapidly-changing landscape.  Kathryn holds an MLS from the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Tate Davis |

    Vice President, Product Management

    With 19 years of leadership experience in product management and product marketing, Tate Davis relies on his skillfully honed data-driven decision-making abilities to optimize the Innovative product and user experience for libraries and their patrons. He leads an experienced product team focused on delivering solutions that solve compelling user and business problems. Previously, Tate led product portfolios at LexisNexis, Hewlett-Packard and Zebra Technologies.

  • Doug Randall |

    Vice President, Product Technology

    Doug has been among Innovative’s core technology visionaries since early in the company’s history. During his more than 30 years with Innovative, Doug has worked directly with our library partners across virtually every area of technology solutions, always remaining focused on the latest capabilities that can be successfully implemented to benefit libraries. His experience ranges from foundational data structures and protocols unique to the library industry, to enterprise software benchmarks related to hardware, operating systems, and network communications, to the technology integration between partners and across different organizations within our clients’ ecosystems. Doug enjoys the challenges of mapping evolving technical capabilities to satisfy library needs, and counts among his proudest achievements the collaborations between Innovative and pioneering libraries who are similarly focused on leveraging technology to directly benefit their patrons. Today, Doug remains an integral part of our technology leadership team, directing a team of application developers working on core Sierra capabilities, and contributing guidance across the areas of hardware platforms, operating systems, technology integration, system security, and internationalization – all with an eye toward practical solutions for libraries.

  • Aaron Terrell |

    Vice President, Engineering & Information Technology

    Aaron comes to Innovative with 16 years of experience in the technology industry, bringing a particular expertise in the delivery of quality user experiences built on high caliber, reliable, and performant cloud-based SaaS systems and services. Having worked with a diverse spectrum of software providers, including Salesforce and Alibris, Aaron has cultivated a customer-centered, best practices, and team-oriented approach to engineering and IT. With a passion for enterprise class best practices in development, including unit testing, agile methodology, security compliance, and adoption of collaborative technology solutions, Aaron leads Innovative in designing elegant solutions to tough problems, both streamlining Innovative operations and delighting our clients.

  • Bill Gadala |

    Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis

    Bill’s background is with multi-national technology companies that are evolving their finance function to support growth and operational excellence. Bill has decades of experience with the integration of financial planning and analysis functions in global technology firms to support strategic initiatives and expanded client offerings. Bill’s financial acumen and strong analytical skills will ensure business organizations across Innovative have the data required to serve libraries as an enterprise-class technology partner. Prior to joining Innovative, he led the financial planning & analysis team of FXalliance, a financial technology platform provider, through their IPO and subsequent sale to a leader among mass media and information firms. Bill holds his MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

  • Hal Brandom |

    Vice President, Human Resources

    Hal is a seasoned Senior Certified Professional I (SHRM – CSP) who ensures that our employees receive the proper training and development to deliver best in class products and services for our library partners. Hal incorporates the needs of our library partners to develop the strategies, skills, and knowledge required from our employees. Part of his role includes expanding our already strong talent pool to deliver high quality products, services, and support for the Library industry. Hal brings with him best practices and experience from the financial services and technology industry that will revolutionize our recruiting, training, and skills development programs.

  • Akin Adekeye |

    General Counsel and Vice President, Partnerships & Business Development

    As general counsel, Akin Adekeye oversees all of Innovative’s transactional, compliance, regulatory, and litigation activities.  He is also responsible for all business development and partnership operations.  Before joining Innovative in 2016, Akin advised the developer experience business at Microsoft. His experience as in-house counsel for global technology innovators across the spectrum of enterprise software, publishing, and engineering industries is an asset to Innovative as we streamline operations and expand partnerships to better serve our clients. His deep understanding of corporate compliance, combined with a commitment to client satisfaction, supports Innovative’s position as a long-term partner for library success. Akin holds a BS in Computer Engineering & Computer Science from the University of Bridgeport, an MBA and MS in Strategic Management from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, and a JD from the Howard University School of Law.

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