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White Paper: Shared Services and the Local Library Platform

In this White Paper, UK-based consultants David Kay and Owen Stephens probe the academic library shared services landscape, taking UK developments as leading but far from lone exemplars. The paper is linked to a companion series of conversations with library leaders based on real institutional shared service commitments and aspirations. The hope is to provide a lens for examining requisite systems and service interactions and for understanding how library platform providers might complement these efforts.
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White Paper: Discover the Power of Vital – The solution for your digital collection management

Vital is a digital object repository and management system designed for universities, libraries, museums, archives and information centers. This software is designed to simplify the development of digital collections and to provide seamless online search and retrieval of information for administrative staff, contributing faculty and end-users. Vital provides a way to broaden access to your institution’s valuable resources that were once only available at a single location and to a finite number of patrons. By eliminating the limitations traditionally encountered by information seekers, this technology grants access to materials for all authorized end users, from professional researchers to recreational learners.
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White Paper: The ILS and Linked Data

Many sources of information about Linked Data exist, but the focus of this white paper is to explore three “why?” questions. Why not MARC? Why linked data? Why now?
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Innovative Conversation: Analytics -The Value of Sharing

Three leaders and Innovative library partners  in library academic services at UK universities present four use cases for library analytics and pinpoint areas where meaningful scale may be achieved through a shared analytics service.
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Innovative Conversation: Last Copy Services -What are the opportunities and benefits of collaboration?

Libraries have a strong tradition of working collectively to ensure materials are preserved. For some libraries, such as National Libraries, preservation of materials is a core part of their mission. The British Library has made ‘guaranteed access for future generations’ one of the five themes within its current vision, while the Library of Congress’s Preservation Directorate has the mission ‘to assure long-term, uninterrupted access to the intellectual content of the Library’s collections. The last decade has seen the creation of more formal agreements between groups of libraries to ensure that collectively they don’t dispose of unique materials and that there is always a ‘last copy’ within the group to guarantee access to the materials now and in the future.
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“We Love the Library But We Live on the Web”
Findings around how academic library users view resources and services

This report details the findings of a survey of users at seven UK academic libraries and how they view online resources and services. Over 4,000 responses were collected between November 2014 and February 2015. The survey proved a particularly useful instrument, engaging a representative range of users, students, and staff at all levels in providing feedback that complemented more limited consultation through focus groups and interviews.
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