Innovative User Group

The Innovative User Group (IUG) is the most active and productive group of its kind in the industry, serving as a forum for new and experienced users of products and services developed by Innovative.

The group disseminates information on the use of Innovative tools and fosters relationships and communication between all concerned. The IUG features a website, annual meetings, an active discussion list, a digital online clearinghouse, and branches in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. This independent group works with their own membership and Innovative to facilitate efficient use and constant improvement of the products.

User Group Branches

The IUG has regional and subject-related divisions:

  • Australian Users Group
  • Canada Users Group
  • European Users Group
  • Law Libraries Users Group
  • Medical Library Users Group
  • Music Libraries Users Group
  • Taiwan Users Group
  • U.S. Regional Groups (California, Michigan, New England, etc.)

Annual Conference

The Innovative Users Group coordinated the first annual Users Group Conference in 1993. The conferences host more than 1,000 library professionals from 20+ nations, with more than 100 interactive presentations on best practices for using Innovative products, reports on creative and unique implementations of technology, and reports on partnerships with the company’s product-development team. Each year, Innovative users present dozens of sessions on creative and effective use of Innovative’s products and services, providing the opportunity for users to share among themselves and with the Innovative staff the various ways in which the system is being implemented in their libraries.

In addition, Innovative staff discuss the company’s plans for future system enhancements, give presentations on products and “tips and tricks,” and meet with users to learn about their needs and future expectations.

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