Case Studies

Learn how libraries of all types partnered with Innovative to transform their technology platform and library services.

Case Study: Illinois Heartland Library System Runs Largest North American Consortium on Polaris

In 2011, libraries in the state of Illinois were at a crossroads. Four regional library systems, representing four sets of consortia, were experiencing financial constraints despite the growing needs of member libraries and their patrons. After discussing how the four independent organizations could work together, their initial strategy focused on sharing resources at the administrative… Read more »

Case Study: University of Essex Turns to Open, Cloud-based Sierra to Streamline Workflows

The University of Essex has been an Innovative library partner since 1995, to help fulfill their founding vision of “a new kind of university… where students could live and learn… and research really mattered.” With an effective library management system that was well-suited for their needs, the university excelled, providing over 13,000 undergraduate and postgraduate… Read more »

Case Study: Encore Duet Delivers Robust Article Delivery and Real-time Integration

The University of Warwick is globally recognised for the quality and impact of their research and commitment to student success.  The institution is consistently ranked as one of the top ten universities in the United Kingdom and continues to demonstrate strong performance in the government’s Research Excellence Framework.  Matching academic excellence with relevance is a… Read more »

Case Study: Malmo City Library (Sweden) – Giving Children a Voice

Children’s early encounters with the library are critical first steps to lifelong learning and often influential in keeping them coming back as adults. By playing games, going to story time, or taking that first try at finding information in a library context, children can learn that libraries are fun and full of exciting knowledge. When… Read more »

Case Study: Marmot – Utilizing Sierra APIs to Speed and Streamline Discovery

Marmot Library Network, with 24 member libraries, hosts Innovative’s Sierra Library Services Platform (LSP) for its members, maintains a union catalog of 1.9 million titles, and provides related services for public, academic, and school libraries in Colorado. With a diverse constituency of professors and college students, teachers and grade school students, and public library staff… Read more »

Case Study: Tulsa City-County Library – Smart Selection

Smart Selection The many adventures of Wild West Sheriff Walt Longmire, as created by author Craig Allen Johnson, are in particular demand at some of Tulsa City-County Library’s 24 branches. The challenge for library staff is to make enough copies – and no more – available at locations that serve communities, each with their own… Read more »

Case Study: London Public Library – Where Events Are A Smash Hit

Where Events Are A Smash Hit Today’s libraries are about more than just trusted information; they are dynamic places that attract community members and the general public inside their doors. As Kathryn Baldock, Supervisor of Lending Services at London Public Library, states, “Programs are a core delivery stream, right up there with books. To promote… Read more »

Case Study: Brooklyn Public Library – Outreach Success from “Hello” to “Hello, World”

The success of a library can be measured via traditional output tracking such as circulation statistics, program attendance, reference questions, or even mentions in local media. Although the Saratoga Branch of Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) in New York excels in these areas, where does success begin? Often little interactions with patrons, over time, yield results… Read more »

Case Study: Chemical Heritage Foundation – Bringing a Special Collection Alive on the Web

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) in Philadelphia dedicates its energies to educating the public about the history of the chemical and molecular sciences. Library staff at CHF’s Othmer Library are in the midst of a three-year project to digitize and make available thousands of pages of rare scientific and alchemical books and manuscripts. Of an… Read more »

Case Study: Building Relationships-Kansas City Public Library’s Award-winning Civil War Website

On the 150th anniversary year of the Civil War, the Missouri State Library approached the Kansas City Public Library (KCPL) to create a digital resource that would capture its history in the region from start to finish. Accepting the challenge, KCPL staff wanted to go beyond what their current digital asset management tool offered in… Read more »

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