Libraries aren’t just about lending good stories. They’re about telling them.

As a partner to many of the world’s most successful libraries, we’re pleased to hear, and more importantly, share stories and thoughtful perspectives about the exceptional work libraries are doing today. We hope some of these posts will spark new ideas, inspire you to try a new community program, or expand the services you offer on campus.

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What does an Open Library Experience mean for you?

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Innovative Libraries Go Live in July

From California to Ontario, Canada, we’re pleased to announce that 15 library partners launched on an Innovative solution during July:

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Load Profile Training & Refresher Workshops

Give new library staff a solid understanding of Millennium and Sierra load profiles or bring more experienced staff up to date with a load profile refresher. Check out our Load Profile Trainings available this fall.

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Conversations That Count: Facing Our Fears

Those who know me, know I am a “cowgirl up” and “get ‘er done” kind of girl. Horse buck you off? No time like the present to take stock of the situation in which you find yourself, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and figure out how to peacefully move forward together.

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Encore Release 4.6 SP2 Now Available with Updated Endnote Integration

Innovative recently launched updated discovery features in Encore Release 4.6 SP2. The release includes new sorting and harvesting features which will be available with Sierra Release 3.2 later this summer.

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Decision Center Release 1.2 SP2 Now Available with Expanded Encore Locations

Decision Center Release 1.2 SP2 is now available to Innovative library partners with improved Encore location results and date information for reports on Postal Code by Patron Activity.

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TeenHQ: A Place All Their Own

Youthful achievements are evident all over the mezzanine level of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in downtown San José, CA. That’s where you’ll find the TeenHQ.

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Innovative Knowledge Base Provides Responsive Design, Search Suggestions, and Improved Workflows

The Innovative Knowledge Base updates frequently and automatically for library systems. Have you seen these new features?

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Conversations That Count: Amidst not Betwixt

Arriving home from ALA Annual this year, I am struck … library is actively amidst transformation of its services and software, as well as its people and processes.

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A Modern Patron Experience: Polaris Release 5.5 Delivers Responsive PowerPAC

Your patrons are a diverse group of people. And we know they access your catalog through a diverse set of devices. But they all deserve the same discovery experience. Now with Polaris ILS Release 5.5, they will have a consistent discovery experience regardless of device.

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Innovative Libraries Go Live in June

From California to Vietnam, we’re pleased to announce that 20 library partners launched on an Innovative solution during June:
Polaris ILS – Vaughan Public Libraries in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Sierra ILS – Rivier University in Nashua, New Hampshire…

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