Libraries aren’t just about lending good stories. They’re about telling them.

As a partner to many of the world’s most successful libraries, we’re pleased to hear, and more importantly, share stories and thoughtful perspectives about the exceptional work libraries are doing today. We hope some of these posts will spark new ideas, inspire you to try a new community program, or expand the services you offer on campus.

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What does an Open Library Experience mean for you?

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Innovative Libraries Go Live in March

We’re pleased to announce that seven library partners launched on an Innovative system during March and eight library partners joined ArticleReach Direct for resource sharing. They were: Universita degli Studi di Catania in Catania, Italy…

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How the Sierra APIs Gave Us Seven Days Back

One of the strategic goals at The Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut is to constantly add new patrons to active participation and to keep the patrons who already hold library cards. A Sierra library since 2014, Ferguson’s leadership team works actively to make the library a vibrant part of the city’s learning and cultural life; with frequent events by nationally-known authors and compelling program content like…

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Makerspace Movement Takes Hold at University of La Verne

It all started in the physics lab on a university campus. A 3D printer that had outlived its purpose was left to sit and collect dust. If no one was using it, then surely no one would miss it? And they didn’t at first. Yet once the University of La Verne Wilson Library in La Verne, CA put the printer on display in one of the most public places on campus, people started to take notice.

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Why Enterprise Class Software Development Matters in a Changing Library World

In 2016, Innovative articulated a strategy to become an enterprise class library solutions company. To maintain momentum from the past year and accelerate our transformation, we have also expanded the Innovative leadership team. Every officer will play an important role in…

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Introducing Our New Website

Things are looking a little different around here. And we couldn’t be more excited about it! After careful thought and planning, we are ready to share a whole new online experience with you.
Welcome to our new website! Read on to learn more about what’s new here.

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New Programs for the Future of Public Libraries

Leif Pedersen, Executive Vice President of Product and Marketing at Innovative, recently published an article in Public Library Quarterly titled “The Future of Public Libraries: A Technology Perspective,” which highlights three public library audiences impacted by technology changes: youth, job seekers and entrepreneurs, and lifelong learning adults.

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Congratulations Santa Clara University

In January, ACRL announced that Santa Clara University was a recipient of the 2017 Excellence in Academic Libraries Award.

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Innovative Libraries Go Live in January

During January, the following library partners launched on an Innovative system: 

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