Libraries aren’t just about lending good stories. They’re about telling them.

As a partner to many of the world’s most successful libraries, we’re pleased to hear, and more importantly, share stories and thoughtful perspectives about the exceptional work libraries are doing today. We hope some of these posts will spark new ideas, inspire you to try a new community program, or expand the services you offer on campus.

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What does an Open Library Experience mean for you?

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Libraries as Project Organizations

Librarians have been undertaking projects since there have been libraries – and possibly even before. Library Technologist Robin Hastings explains how best practices in project management can determine feasibility and streamline successful projects.

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Setting Your Library Up for Success: A Sierra Migration Tip Series – Part 2

 This is the second in a series of tips that can help you successfully prepare your library mentally and physically for a migration from Millennium to Sierra. In our first tip, we explained how Sierra migrations require little downtime and no gap loading. Go here to read more.   TIP: Don’t wait until it’s too… Read more »

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University of Essex Turns to Hosting for Sierra, Gives Library and IT Staff More Time for Patron Service

It’s no surprise that IT staff are busy—especially at a large university. For the University of Essex, an Innovative library partner since 1995, the decision to move to a hosted solution came easily as it meant their IT department would no longer need to support the library’s hardware or maintain their server.

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The PCC and Me

As someone who began cataloging in her infancy, well, early 20s, performing copy cataloging of musical sound recordings at the University of Illinois, Senior Consultant Martha Rice Sanders dreamed of participating in the PCC (Program for Cooperative Cataloging).

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Setting Your Library Up for Success: A Sierra Migration Tip Series

Whether your library expects to migrate to Sierra in the near term or remain on Millennium a bit longer, Innovative can help you develop a solid plan.

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Library Culture is People Culture

If you’re compelled to truly live the mission of libraries – providing resources, community engagement, provoking curiosity, and support lifelong learning – and inspire the same in those you work with, the Mindful Leadership Bootcamp Series will serve as a strong foundation.

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Announcing Resource Sharing 3.1, Now In General Release

Innovative is pleased to announce that Resource Sharing 3.1 is now in general release, offering libraries powerful new features.

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Our Latest Go Lives

We are pleased to announce the following worldwide library partners launched an Innovative solution through an ILS or Resource Sharing network.

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Innovative Update on GDPR

Innovative is dedicated to helping you deliver a library experience that builds better, smarter communities. This means that, in addition to ensuring superior client service and providing next-generation technologies, we are committed to helping protect your patrons’ data and privacy. We invest heavily in security and compliance, partnering with library security teams to mitigate security… Read more »

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Sierra 4.0 Now Available with System Limit Expansion and Automatic Renewal

Innovative is happy to announce that Sierra 4.0 is now in general release, offering libraries powerful new features. We started beta in early March and want to thank our beta program partners for your testing and feedback.

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