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As a partner to many of the world’s most successful libraries, we’re pleased to hear, and more importantly, share stories and thoughtful perspectives about the exceptional work libraries are doing today. We hope some of these posts will spark new ideas, inspire you to try a new community program, or expand the services you offer on campus.

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What does an Open Library Experience mean for you?

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Conversations That Count: Quit Listening, Start Leading

Can we talk for a minute? I mean really talk? Like we would, if we were sitting face to face, on my front porch sharing an iced tea in the shade.
I’ll go first … I’m frustrated.

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Innovative Libraries Go Live in May

We’re pleased to announce that the following library partners launched on an Innovative solution during May

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Mobile Worklists 2.5 Automatically Saves Your Place in a List

Now, when you have to exit a list in the middle of your work, you’ll be automatically returned to your place the next time you open the lists. It’s an easy way to jump back into your work without all that scrolling.

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Conversations That Count: Money & Friends Change Everything

Don’t believe me? Look at what simply acknowledging this reality and responding responsibly did for the radio industry.

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Orion Township Public Library Rides Into Events With New Bookbike

With a riding trail behind them, an extensive volunteer base beside them, and a calendar full of community events ahead, Orion Township Public Library (OTPL) in Michigan saw an opportunity to deliver services in a unique new way this spring. In May, they introduced their new pedal-powered mobile library—a Bookbike!

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The Power of APIs

You took that important next step and invested in a new Innovative integrated library system. Now how do you ensure that your Innovative ILS will integrate with all those other technology platforms you rely on every day?

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Innovative Libraries Go Live in April

We’re pleased to announce that the following library partners launched on an Innovative solution during April: Polaris Chicago Public Library in Chicago, Illinois Resource Sharing Anythink Libraries in Adams County, Colorado joined the Prospector INN-Reach network for Resource Sharing Linked Data The Michigan eLibrary consortium published their shared statewide catalog (MeLCat) to the semantic web… Read more »

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Congrats to John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award Winners

Just like the man for whom this award is named, these libraries have made excellent strides toward bringing communities together—something we at Innovative are truly passionate about. Congratulations to all the 2017 John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award winners

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New Star Item Feature in Mobile Worklists Release 2.4 Enables Flexible Library Workflows

Mobile Worklists is a native mobile app running on iOS that makes day-to-day material handling tasks more efficient for library staff, saving time and paper for the library. Mobile Worklists Release 2.4 has a new feature where users can choose to star or unstar an item or multiple items in any list.

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Innovative Libraries Go Live in March

We’re pleased to announce that seven library partners launched on an Innovative system during March and eight library partners joined ArticleReach Direct for resource sharing. They were: Universita degli Studi di Catania in Catania, Italy…

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