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Wes Osborn Named 2018 IUG Beacon Award Winner

ORLANDO, Fla. — Innovative Interfaces is pleased to congratulate Wes Osborn, executive director of Information Technology for the Central Library Consortium in Ohio, recipient of the 2018 IUG Beacon Award at the IUG conference in Orlando, Fla. As a Polaris ILS user and former member of the Polaris Users Group Steering Committee, Osborn has shown… Read more »

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Innovative Users Group Commences 26th Annual Conference

ORLANDO, Fla. —Innovative Interfaces, a leading provider of library automation software that empowers libraries globally, today kicked off IUG 2018, the 26th Innovative Users Group (IUG) conference held in Orlando, Fla. For four days, 650 library professionals from 10 countries around the world will gather to participate in more than 100 sessions presented by colleagues… Read more »

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Polaris 6.0 Paves Way For Web App Credit Card Payments, New Filters and Displays in PowerPAC

Innovative is happy to announce Polaris Release 6.0 is now in general release, offering libraries powerful new features, including enhancements to the PowerPAC and the Polaris Web Application.

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IUG Annual 2018: Orlando, here we come!

From time-saving tips and tools, to quick-hit solutions, to success stories that provoke great a-ha moments, IUG 2018 is ripe with opportunity to explore and collaborate with Innovative staff and fellow library partners.

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Library Heroes: Cincinnati Library Helps Put Spotlight on the Role of Libraries in Homelessness

Homelessness. It’s an important and pervasive issue impacting libraries across the nation. The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County not only provides a place of refuge and informational resources—it provided the backdrop to an entire film devoted to addressing this social issue.

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Library Heroes: Alachua County Library Creates Mobile Makerspaces to Serve Diverse Communities

Alachua County Library in Florida has a whole team of heroes who are finding ways to bring modern makerspaces to their highly diverse communities, despite a lack of dedicated space and limited funds.

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Library Heroes: Napa County Library Becomes Community Hub During Wildfire Crisis

Imagine waking up to find your community enveloped in thick smoke, being urged to evacuate as quickly as possible, and making it out with not much more than your loved ones, pets, and the clothes you’re wearing. Power is out, no one seems to have internet access, and many cellular towers have been destroyed by fires. You can’t watch television news, access the internet, or make calls. Where do you go? What do you do? If you’re in Napa County, you go to the library.

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From Unsure to Confident: The Value of the IUG

Overwhelmed and unsure. That described me at my first Innovative Users Group conference in 2010. System administrator at my library for a whopping 7 months, I didn’t know the difference between the SCAT table and a load profile.

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Idea Lab Expands with Always Open Space

Less than a year after the initial launch of Idea Lab, Innovative is pleased to expand our customer-driven innovation program with a new opportunity for collaboration. The Always Open Space is now open, and we invite customers to share ideas about virtually any aspect of library technology needs.

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Innovative Users Group Annual Conference | April 23-26

Innovative users from around the globe will gather in Orlando, FL from April 23-26, 2018 to learn best practices, hear what’s new, and experience the community of the largest user group in the industry. Attendees from 15 countries will participate in over 100 sessions presented by their colleagues and Innovative staff.

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