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Sierra 4.1 Expands License Limits, Customizes Facets


Innovative is happy to announce that Sierra 4.1 is in general release, offering a number of new features. Through their testing and feedback, our beta partner community played an important part in making this development and deployment possible.

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Case Study: Illinois Heartland Library System Runs Largest North American Consortium on Polaris


In 2011, libraries in the state of Illinois were at a crossroads. Four regional library systems, representing four sets of consortia, were experiencing financial constraints despite the growing needs of member libraries and their patrons. After discussing how the four independent organizations could work together, their initial strategy focused on sharing resources at the administrative … Continued

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Case Study: Tulsa City-County Library – Smart Selection


Smart Selection The many adventures of Wild West Sheriff Walt Longmire, as created by author Craig Allen Johnson, are in particular demand at some of Tulsa City-County Library’s 24 branches. The challenge for library staff is to make enough copies – and no more – available at locations that serve communities, each with their own … Continued

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