Launch of INN-Reach Release 3.0 Sets the Stage for Seamless Integration Among All Libraries Using Innovative Resource Sharing Solution


Polaris resource sharing integration complete, APIs forthcoming for non-Innovative library partners

Emeryville, CA—Innovative Interfaces, a leading provider of library automation software that empowers libraries globally, has launched INN-Reach Release 3.0, delivering the same level of integration to Polaris library partners that libraries using Millennium or Sierra experience with the Innovative resource sharing solution.

Through the use of Direct to INN-Reach APIs, this release eliminates the need for a Direct Consortia Borrowing (DCB) broker system, allowing all INN-Reach activities to be performed within Polaris or the Polaris Leap web application.

For the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) consortium, with libraries using a variety of automation systems, the direct connection has significant value. Now, member libraries on Polaris can offer better experiences for staff and patrons alike.

Shannon Schmidt, Head of Support Services at Orion Township Public Library, notes that the direct connection results in more efficient staff workflows. “Having Polaris directly integrated into MeL is a tremendous time-saver for our library. The discovery and request process through MeLCat has always been convenient for our patrons, but now the back-end processing is equally convenient for our staff. With no separate system to maintain and no reason to leave our primary staff interface, we are getting even more value out of MeL than before.”

Offering a better patron experience is a top priority for the consortium, and Jackie Licalzi, MeLCat System Administrator at Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, explains how INN-Reach Release 3.0 supports their goals. “Direct integration between Polaris and MeLCat means any local changes in item availability from our Polaris member libraries are reflected in real-time within the union catalog, increasing the efficiency with which we can fill patron requests. Public library patrons have high expectations regarding accuracy during discovery and speed of delivery, and integration between Polaris and MeLCat helps us provide even better service to all our users.”

In addition to delivering greater value to Polaris libraries, INN-Reach Release 3.0 also sets the stage for a complete transformation of how libraries interact and share resources. While seamless interoperability is currently only available for libraries using Innovative solutions, soon all libraries will have access to the same level of integration—regardless of what library automation solution they use. Leveraging the Innovative Open Library Stack, the resource sharing capabilities built into the Polaris integration were abstracted into cloud-based APIs, creating the foundation for integration with any vendor.

“We’ve seen first-hand the value resource sharing brings our library partners, and truly believe this is a solution all libraries should have access to—whether they’re using an Innovative system to manage local resources or not,” said Leif Pedersen, Executive Vice President, Product at Innovative. “Providing access to information is critical to libraries’ success, and they shouldn’t be limited to less efficient, lower quality, or more expensive alternatives like traditional interlibrary loan. Innovative is paving the way for greater collaboration among all libraries and vendors, and we’re looking forward to the meaningful impact this has on our industry.”

For more information on the value Innovative’s resource sharing solution brings all types of libraries, visit the Innovative website.

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