Innovative Solutions Transform Library Business Processes


Mobile solutions redefine how libraries cultivate and inspire communities

Emeryville, CA—Innovative Interfaces, a leading provider of library automation software that empowers libraries globally, has created a product development strategy that enables libraries to remain engaged in the digital world by transforming library business processes.

To align with staff workflows and patron needs, Innovative concentrated on mobile solutions and libraries are experiencing significant value with Mobile Worklists for staff performance, MyLibrary! for patron engagement, and Leap for flexible, intuitive workflows. This strategy challenges the traditional manner in which libraries operate, as well as how library professionals support their communities.

“As the library technology landscape changes, so too does the demand on libraries to more effectively utilize their resources, while providing meaningful connections for the communities they serve,” said James Tallman, Chief Executive Officer at Innovative. “By developing products that emphasize efficient workflows, our solutions offer new opportunities for our library partners to enhance the patron experience through more efficient operations.”

Malmo City Library in Sweden has experienced this first-hand with Mobile Worklists, when they built a new classification system for their children’s collection with over 40,000 items. In collaboration with their patrons, Malmo City Library reclassified their items with a more intuitive system that would make it easier to find what they wanted. “Our vision for the new children’s library came to life with eleven main categories and 45 subcategories,” said Christina Mattisson, Systems Librarian at Malmo City Library. “Our staff scanned 20,000 books in over three months—a reclassification and moving project that was so intensive, I can’t imagine how long it would have taken without Mobile Worklists. I don’t know if we could have managed the project at all without it.”

While the mobile app for staff easily streamlines processes, the MyLibrary! patron app transforms how libraries cultivate their communities. By encouraging interaction beyond the library walls, patrons have real-time access to the catalog and available services anywhere, directly from their mobile device.

Recognizing the library’s need to interact with patrons wherever they are in the library led to the development of Leap, a responsive web application that brings the functionality of public services workflows to library staff through a desktop or mobile device. This significantly changes the way in which staff connect with patrons and access vital data to complete tasks anywhere inside or outside the library.

For Saskatchewan Information & Library Services (SILS) Consortium, who went live on Polaris in September 2015, Leap is used almost exclusively at circulation desks in 306 public library branches throughout the province. “SILS uses Leap to traverse multiple independent networks,” said Rob Zylstra, Executive Director at SILS. “It is easy to deploy and staff find it intuitive. LEAP now serves as our primary staff-facing tool. Seventy eight percent of all checkouts occur using Leap across the consortium. In comparison, 20% are self checkouts, which leaves only 2% of checkouts occurring on the Polaris staff client. Leap allows us to spend more time on improving customer experiences, and less time on client deployment and training, and that’s important to us.”

This strategy will continue to lead product development efforts at Innovative, to ensure libraries have access to solutions that promote efficient, powerful processes. For more information on how libraries can thrive in their communities, visit the Innovative website.

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