Innovative Offers Libraries New Ways to Engage Patrons with MyLibrary! Release 2.0


Android availability increases patron usability for the native mobile app globally

Emeryville, CA—Innovative Interfaces, a leading provider of library automation software that empowers libraries globally, expands the library’s ability to connect and engage mobile users with the launch of MyLibrary! Release 2.0.

Originally launched as a native iOS app, MyLibrary! Release 2.0 now offers the same app functionality for Android devices. By extending the application to a second operating system, MyLibrary! allows libraries to reach a wider audience with real-time interactions, creating a stronger patron experience. For London Public Library (LPL) in Ontario, Canada, this release offers new opportunities for community engagement.

“We launched the iOS version of MyLibrary! this past spring, and our patrons and staff love using it,” said Eeva Stierwalt, Integrated Library System Solutions Specialist at LPL. “It didn’t take long for our patrons to start tweeting about an Android version, so we were thrilled to be a beta partner for MyLibrary! Release 2.0. Everyone has been looking forward to its launch, and it has been a great investment for our library.”

In addition to expanding to a new platform, this version of MyLibrary! also offers new ways for libraries to interact with patrons. Through extensive usability testing with Innovative library partners, new features related to social media engagement and the app design emerged. Libraries now have the ability to change the social media feed on the home screen to automatically import their Facebook feed or Twitter feed. A redesigned home screen for a more intuitive experience includes:

  • A fresh look for the key menu actions
  • Improved scrollability of the social media feed
  • A redesigned Patron Account screen

“We know that patrons use technology and mobile apps in many aspects of their lives, and we believe it’s important for libraries to be a contributor in that space,” said Leif Pedersen, Executive Vice President, Product at Innovative. “Our mobile app helps libraries better connect with their tech-savvy users, extending library reach and increasing engagement. Innovative staff continue to analyze both library and technology trends to help libraries remain in-tune with how users interact within and outside the library.”

MyLibrary! is available for download in Google Play and the Apple App store. MyLibrary! is currently available for Sierra library partners using Sierra Release 2.4 or higher. Learn more about the MyLibrary! mobile app by visiting the Innovative website.