Innovative Empowers Library Staff with More Efficient Digital Asset Management Tools in Vital Release 7.1


Emeryville, CA—Innovative Interfaces, a leading provider of integrated library systems (ILS) that empowers libraries globally, has launched Vital Release 7.1 to streamline staff operations and more effectively manage metadata for digital collections.

With more efficient workflows, staff now have more time to focus on promoting their unique collections to an even wider audience. Rare collections with low visibility can see rapid engagement. This is the case for the University Libraries at the University of Memphis, who found it important to digitize the history of Memphis using Vital.

“Vital has allowed us to share our archival materials with the world, bringing greater visibility to the rare and unique contributions we’re proud to offer at the University of Memphis libraries,” said Dr. John Evans, Head of Library Information Systems. “For academic institutions, 90 percent of resources are the same, but the special collections are what makes each library unique, and we have to make them available.”

Vital Release 7.1 focuses on the user experience, enabling staff to work more efficiently and ensure their unique collections are discoverable within the catalog. In this version, staff have the ability to perform bulk actions on objects saved to a Quick Collection—from multiple objects, to an entire collection. With the proper permissions, staff can curate items in the Quick Collection and then execute actions for all, or some of the items. This includes exporting citations, saving the collection, moving objects, changing properties, applying IP restrictions, or deleting objects.

“Our partners have inspiring collections, and an efficient, accurate digital asset management solution ensures these resources are more easily discovered,” said Leif Pedersen, Executive Vice President, Product at Innovative. “Vital offers a highly-configurable solution and when paired with a streamlined approach to managing digital assets, empowers staff to better serve the community.”

Additional features in Vital Release 7.1 focus on streamlining administrator tasks, such as:

  • Creating Guest Group Permissions – Administrators can now restrict access to content for specific users groups by setting guest group permissions in the administrator interface. They can also limit download of data streams to specific user groups.
  • Adding Metatags – Support for extended metatags for scholarly materials, which means better indexing by third parties (such as Google Scholar), and increased visibility for academic institutions.

Vital Release 7.1 marks the third product release in 2016. Vital is available worldwide for standardized viewing of any institution’s digital collection. As a standalone product in the Innovative portfolio, Vital can be used by Innovative library partners, libraries using another ILS, national libraries, universities and colleges, city governments, or any other institution in need of a digital asset management solution.

Visit the Innovative website to see how Vital can store, organize, and share a rich variety of content in any format.