Hot Topic: Mindful Management Basics Webinar-Session 1: December 5, 7am-10am PST


New programs, new technology, new spaces — Moments of library opportunity. Chances to engage patrons, rekindle relationships, and demonstrate library’s value and impact. These activities require effective, mindful leadership. All too often we keep our heads down, focused on the nitty gritty of finances, project plans, and development or, mindlessly react to situations that call for more presence, authenticity and yes, courage — forgetting that long-term success and future funding depend upon community-connected, value-driven leadership.

How do we ensure our leaders are capable of connecting key community concerns to our development efforts with passion and integrity? How do we demonstrate accountability to our management, funders, and constituencies? Join Mindful Leadership practitioner and consultant, Kym Cadle, and Innovative Business of Library Consultants for a targeted, tactical journey through mindful leadership techniques.

Walk away with actionable strategies you can employ in service of reliably and transparently leading successful, community-connected library transformation at your institution.


2, two-hour sessions
**THIS SESSION** Session 1 – Tuesday, December 5 from 7:00 am to 9:00 am PST

Course Outline
Debunking the Myths of Mindful Leadership
Principles of Mindful Leadership
Getting Started with Mindful Leadership
Setting a Foundation for the Future

Presenter Details
Kym Cadle
Kym Cadle is the founder of Pure Ambition, a coaching and consulting firm focused on enabling individual and organizations to do more mindful work, starting with purpose and values based action. The company was founded following more than 2 decades leading teams to high performance in corporate operations, which included her team’s consistent improvement of customer experience scores during a decade of rapid growth: from $180M – $2B in revenues. Kym’s passion is working with current and future leaders, and their organizations, to raise their consciousness and unlock their full potential in service of creating the outcomes our current 24×7 ‘always on’ digital environment demands. Regardless of the context, creating a brighter future by bringing heart. purpose and connection forward is her ultimate goal.

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