Advanced Report Training for Polaris ILS

 October 10-12 in Syracuse, NY

Want to create your own custom reports from the data in your library’s Polaris ILS? We have spaces available in the Advanced Report Training Workshop for Polaris ILS in Syracuse, NY. In this intensive three-day workshop you’ll learn the skills necessary to create custom reports through straight SQL queries, as well as formatted reports in Reporting Services. Training covers:

  • Parts of the Polaris database schema that are applicable to data mining for custom report creation.
  • A review of portions of the Structured Query Language (SQL) programming language that are applicable to creating custom queries and reports in Polaris.
  • SimplyReports.
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

Prerequisites: Workshop attendees must be comfortable with SQL scripting, or have a background in programming in a procedural or object-oriented computer programming language.

The workshop will not cover the concepts and principles of computer programming, which are necessary to learn and effectively use SQL. This workshop is not intended for the casual computer user.

Duration: 3 days

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