Who Works at Innovative?

Librarians and Lovers of Libraries

Innovative offers the perfectly balanced career for people who are passionate about the value that libraries bring to our communities and understand that to be competitive both the library and its librarians must evolve and utilize world-class technology. At Innovative, we are proud to keep our team at the vanguard of the relationship between information and the constantly evolving methods of storage and retrieval. Innovative engineers are at the head of the class; they are the first to hear about groundbreaking developments in the field of library science. Our team never stops researching, and as a colleague you will see firsthand the inner workings of libraries around the world—from large academic libraries to law school libraries, digital libraries, and special libraries—as you help them meet challenges large and small. Whether you are a product manager or a member of the training, service, or implementation teams, you will be supporting and learning from your peers at Innovative libraries all over the world. Best of all, Innovative has unparalleled customer loyalty within the industry, resulting in relationships with customers that provide great satisfaction to our team members. This devotion can be clearly seen in the number of librarians that start out as customers, but then pursue careers at Innovative.


Innovative designs and develops tools that keep libraries all over the world at the forefront of information management. As such, our developers and engineers can expect to work in a fast-paced environment that is collaborative and team-based. These Innovative people are involved in a broad range of activities—from design to testing to documentation—making use of technologies that are used every day by hundreds of thousands of library users worldwide. Our commitment to quality ensures our longevity as, among other things, it fosters matchless customer commitment. That same commitment to quality keeps us on the leading edge on new ideas and innovations—it’s in our name! If you want to be a part of a stable company committed to libraries, a place where your expertise will give solid, in-demand tools to the library community today and tomorrow, you have found it.


You will find technical specialists with library and technology skills across the organization. These Innovative people are a diverse team, encouraged to find outside-the-box solutions and respond quickly within a challenging environment. Innovative has all the benefits of a mature organization with the passion and rigor of a startup!

This is a place where you can express all your forward-thinking ideas and not feel as though you will be censored. On the contrary, at Innovative we know that ideas that are truly novel by necessity have to come from the paths least traveled. We pride ourselves on being a great incubator for new ideas, so whereas other companies might quash exotic ideas as impractical, here you will be recognized for your signature work style. You can feel good about supporting librarians—the keepers of knowledge around the world—in a way that carries your unique imprint.

This philosophy carries through to all areas of our company. In addition to our library and technology positions, we also hire Innovative people in finance, human resources, administration, facilities, information technology, professional services, customer support, sales, and marketing.

Find out why working for Innovative is More Than a Paycheck.