More Than a Paycheck


Innovative offers a competitive benefits package, including three different medical plans, dental and vision insurance, long-term disability and life insurance, commuter check benefits, a 401(k) retirement plan that includes an employer match, and an unlimited PTO (personal time off) plan. Our package allows employees to pick and choose the appropriate mix of coverage to suit themselves and their families. We promote public transportation and two-wheel vehicles.

Giving Back

We firmly believe that a supportive, relaxed environment is conducive to creativity and is essential for job satisfaction. Innovative offers a casual work atmosphere and encourages employees to engage in all manner of community-building activities—both within the company and outside in our communities.  We have a Red and Green Team to care for matters of the heart and the environment. Throughout the year, we contribute to our local communities through food and toy drives and have adopted local libraries for both volunteer experiences and donations.

Fun & Diversity at Innovative

When you join the team at Innovative you automatically celebrate diversity in all its many aspects. You will be surrounded by groups of skiers, ping-pong aficionados, foosball enthusiasts, knitters, hikers, crafters, pet lovers, dancers, world travelers, and artists (among many other interests), each of whom is encouraged to share that interest here. With over 300 employees at our Emeryville headquarters alone, events like our annual holiday party provide Innovative employees with a vital means of connecting with fellow employees and learning how the various facets of the company work together. We also celebrate diversity (both human and critter) through a number of events including Bring Your Art to Work Day, International Potluck, and Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Recognition & Reward

We love recognizing our employees’ great work with formal service awards and informal expressions of appreciation. In addition to the 10-year and 20-year service awards, there are number of other awards such as the Over the Top Award, Team Player Award, and Innovative Contributor of the Year Award.

Committed to Our Employees’ Growth

In our continuing commitment to industry standard practices, Innovative supports employees by providing the necessary training to maintain sharp and current skills. The Innovative Research & Development teams are well trained and follow Agile Development processes. We provide world-class management training for our management team through premier vendors. Innovative uses an online performance management system and offers a cadre of online classes available to all employees. We also support various certification programs to keep our employees up-to-date in the latest technological and business arenas.

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