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Resource Sharing

INN-Reach was born out of the need to make resource sharing faster and more cost effective. Traditional interlibrary loan represented a considerable cost to the library and is simply too slow for most library users. Today, participating INN-Reach libraries move millions of books a year, faster and at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. All it takes is a user clicking on a record in WebPAC Pro or following a path to INN-Reach results in the Encore environment.

Proven Results

The experience of customers and independent research sponsored by the Association of Research Libraries give proof positive that INN-Reach is fastest, cheapest, way to share books and other media. Across the board, usage of these systems continues to grow, boosting libraries' presence online, and bringing patrons back inside their doors. And to bring the same service and efficiency to e-resources, Innovative developed ArticleReach, the premier solution for consortia in the digital information age. Today, the INN-Reach family has grown to include systems throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

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