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WebPAC Pro

WebPAC Pro breaks through the functional and design limitations of the traditional online catalog. Its solid technology framework supports tools for patron access such as Spell Check; integrated Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds; a suite of products for seamless Campus Computing; and deep control over information content and presentation with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). WebPAC Pro is also a platform for participation when integrated with Innovative's Patron Ratings features and Community Reviews product.

What's more, with WebPAC Pro's RightResult™ search technology, the most relevant materials display at the top so patrons get to the specific items or topics they want to explore immediately. WebPAC Pro can also interconnect with Innovative's discovery services platform, Encore. And for elegant access through Blackberry® Storm™ or iPhone™, the AirPAC provides catalog searching, item requesting, and more.

BlackBerry® and Storm™ are trademarks of Research in Motion, LTD. iPhone™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc. RightResult™ is a trademark of Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

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