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WebBridge LR

Today's library users want simple and immediate access to full-text. It's what they expect from the web and what WebBridge LR delivers. WebBridge LR provides complete OpenURL link resolution with paths to a wide variety of sources, from subscription databases and public websites to reference resources and locally developed collections. It even provides access through Google Scholarâ„¢.

WebBridge LR integrates with Millennium and Innovative eProducts, such as Electronic Resource Management, to fully leverage the time and money your library has invested in content and technology. Now libraries can provide a complete discovery experience that's as user friendly as it is elegant. When integrated with Millennium, WebBridge LR can also provide usage and licensing information in real time.

For management ease, WebBridge LR's web-based interface allows library staff to easily customize resources with library-defined services, such as full-text availability, general reference resources, encyclopedias, and holdings at nearby libraries. And with CASE, there's no manual data loading needed because you can automatically populate your database directly from its web-management toolkit.

Just because different vendors provide your e-resources doesn't mean that users have to put any effort into getting what they need! With electronic full-text now a core service that users expect libraries to provide, Innovative's WebBridge LR provides a trusted solution.

Google Scholarâ„¢ is a trademark of Google.

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