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Via for K-12 Libraries

Millennium Via provides a cost-effective single library automation system that streamlines library operations over a large school district while customizing library service at individual schools. This complete solution offers school districts the kind of centralization that makes administration simple while allowing each school to present unique content and a customized look and feel to its students. It’s simply the best of both worlds.

With Millennium Via, you have a tool that includes everything you need to run the essential aspects of your library, including circulation with homeroom overdue notices, cataloging, management reports, and the WebPAC Pro online catalog. It also has the features to bring the digital library alive for your students with seamless delivery of e-book content, image collections, book reviews, and more. It provides a contemporary web library for students along with the functionality that school libraries require, such as homeroom notices and KidsOnline, Millennium’s child-friendly online catalog.

With database scoping, each library in a district can present its unique view of library materials while keeping the option open for system-wide searching. Because WebPAC Pro is easily customizable, each library can have its own logos and color scheme. Innovative built its online catalog with straightforward HTML pages that can be changed with familiar web tools such as Dreamweaver®, making it easy to create a look and feel unique to each school community.

WebPAC Pro outfits today’s “wired” students with options for Spell Check, RSS Feeds, and a host of patron empowerment features and products. Via provides a fast-paced, immediate online experience with clean hyperlink navigation and simple student-generated item requesting.

With Via, school libraries finally have access to the kind of information and productivity tools that public and academic libraries have been enjoying for years. Millennium Via provides all the features and technology required by today’s K-12 district computing environment—all with workflow flexibility and fully integrated design that libraries around the world have come to expect from Innovative Interfaces. You students will work in a stimulating technology environment where they’ll make their first steps toward becoming independent and lifelong learners.

Dreamweaver® is a trademark of Macromedia, Inc.

A boy practically leaped out of his chair because the My Via feature offered more information than other library systems he had used.
— Diane Zoeller, Media Specialist, Upper Arlington City School District
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