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SkyRiver is a full service bibliographic utility that connects libraries with the metadata they need to catalog library collections. Designed and optimized by technical and library experts with input from technical services librarians in the field, the SkyRiver interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing libraries to simplify workflows and increase efficiency.

SkyRiver's ever-growing database contains more than 43 million full, unique records. Sophisticated matching algorithms minimize duplication and sub-standard records, saving catalogers time and reducing searching frustration. The database includes the full Library of Congress MARC files and CONSER files, and is supplemented by public domain metadata from SkyRiver customer libraries and hundreds of other contributing libraries.

Library staff can easily create original bibliographic and authority records and set up work forms and constant data.

SkyRiver is certified as a NACO Exchange Partner in the Library of Congress Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), and is an active participant in PCC policy discussions. We are also a BIBCO participant.


SkyRiver cataloging services include:

  • SkySearch - record requesting with responses within 48 hours
  • SkySearch Plus - optional ongoing search service
  • SkyWatch - optional CIP record upgrade notification
  • SkyMatch - materials vendor data integration

Open Data Use Policy

SkyRiver makes no claims to ownership of any bibliographic metadata and imposes no restrictions on subsequent use.

Unlimited Data Access and Transfer

SkyRiver offers annual subscriptions at a flat rate for unlimited use. There are no additional access fees.

RDA Support

SkyRiver accommodates all levels of RDA adoption, including hybrid AACR2/RDA as well as full RDA support. The transition to RDA is eased with an intuitive editor to ensure RDA coding accuracy and contextual linking to the RDA Toolkit©.

Training in Minutes

Staff begin to use SkyRiver within minutes of introduction, making implementation fast and seamless - especially beneficial for new hires and anyone newly tasked with cataloging responsibilities.

Easy Integration with Local Library Systems

SkyRiver is ILS independent, since virtually all integrated library systems are capable of importing files of MARC records in batch and/or in record by record mode. SkyRiver enables downloading of data in MARC format, which then can be uploaded to these systems.

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