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Services for Libraries

Innovative stands by its excellent products with excellent services for libraries. With over half of the company dedicated to service, our team is populated with librarians, technologists, and library-technology industry veterans. In fact, Innovative's customers enjoy the lowest customer-to-staff ratio of any major provider in the marketplace.

Innovative provides a full suite of Implementation Services to get you up and running and to assist with system expansions and new products. After your implementation is complete, the Innovative Customer Service Help Desk is available 24/7/365 to assist you with all your service and support needs.

Additional service options are also available, including a wide-range of Training Services and Workflow Consulting Services that can help your staff make the most of the Innovative system. And if your library is short staffed, you can count on us to Extend Your Team with the right mix of professionals to get the job done.

I rejoice in my contact with CSDirect, which is always a positive and informative experience. I'm amazed at the quality of service I get from the Help Desk, the quick response to my calls, and the professional and courteous staff.
— Eeva Stierwalt
Information Systems Specialist
London Public Library
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