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Innovative developed its first serials system in the demanding serials environment of law libraries. Like no other system, Millennium Serials enables staff to handle all material types while the system automatically adjusts to changes in title and publication patterns with ease. This sophistication brings the full measure of your serials collection into WebPAC Pro in real time!

Millennium Serials’ Check-In Card is an at-a-glance window for everything your staff needs to know about a particular subscription. Color-coded regions show what issues are current or missing to allow immediate action. Navigation in the system is easy because staff can keep several records open at once. And to make data entry more efficient, Millennium Serials allow staff to create templates that multiply efficiency in a high-capacity environment.

In a changing publication environment, Millennium Serials sends email ticklers to alert staff if there are particular issues waiting to be claimed. Once a journal is checked in, the module dynamically generates a routing slip so the material gets to the right place in the library. And when a serial title changes, Millennium Serials responds by re-computing expected dates of arrival, new volume and issue numbers, and coverage dates.

Best of all, Millennium Serials provides a simple process for creating reports and updating batches of records without the need for a systems administrator. Innovative has serials handling down cold. With Millennium Serials, your staff finds the best workflow for their needs while making valuable holdings information available the moment it's updated.

Innovative’s serials products don’t stop at print materials. Just integrate Electronic Resource Management with Millennium for complete description, administration, and presentation for e-journals.

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